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As we held overhead, I noticed towering cumulus build-ups within several miles of the ship.
FTVentures provides capital to growth companies to finance organic expansion, recapitalizations, build-ups and buyouts.
Mr Hughes, who attended the call-out with Green Watch firefight-ers from Upton fire station, said: "We advise people ensure their chimneys are swept regularly to remove build-ups of combustible materials that can catch fire and spread.
The new Shell Helix Ultra comes with new PurePlus technology coupled with Active Cleansing Technology to offer high level of protection against engine deposit build build-ups and unsurpassed sludge protection.
A These are called milia and are harmless build-ups of keratin, a substance that provides skin strength.
It may not sound like the most romantic of wedding build-ups but, surprisingly, Abbey is fine with it.
We have to endure the endless build-ups and hype, then weeks of the matches, followed by a nauseating post-mortem, when no team loses, just the other team wins
Hopes for their survival were fading as emergency crews drilled 1,000ft shafts to release build-ups of poisonous gas.
Carotid artery lesions or plaques are build-ups of cholesterol, calcium, and fibrous tissue inside arteries.
The campaign aims to prevent the build-up of fats in sewers - such build-ups in the Flint sewerage network causes regular operational problems at Flint Water Treatment Works.
Many motorists joining the M5 North at junction 3 at Halesowen and heading for Birmingham had to leave the motorway at Oldbury because of the tailbacks, leading to build-ups on the surrounding roads.
TOWN and Leeds will have distinctly different build-ups to their first league derby in 20 years.
Stress placed on these by long hours sitting at a desk can be greatly reduced by mobilisations and exercises to counter stress build-ups.
Storms and torrential rain across South Tyneside caused several roads to be closed and traffic build-ups during Friday night rush-hour.
Every year drains and sinks are blocked by build-ups of cooking fat poured away.