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This is evidenced by the significant commitment now being made by the JV Partners to underwrite and licence a block-wide 3D seismic survey over both the Dunquin North and Dunquin South carbonate build-ups.
Dubai: The second of four build-up rides for the Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge will take place at District One Cycle Track in the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City on October 7 covering a distance of 45-km.
3 DRAINS and manholes can get blocked, but some build-ups aren't bad enough to block them and yet still prevent them from working properly.
The study at Berkeley University in California found that a "vicious cycle" emerges where the protein build-up not only corrodes memory, but also disrupts sleep further.
The deal will provide Spie Batignolles with the perfect platform to make use of future build-up opportunities not only in France, but in other markets as well, Dominique Gaillars, managing partner direct funds at Ardian, commented.
Asian governments, boosted by stronger economic growth and worried by regional tensions, have been beefing up their armed forces and there are fears the build-ups could be dangerous in the long run if not managed well.
Police and ambulance paramedics were called to the scene, where local people and councillors say traffic flows and build-ups have increased significantly since the opening of the store.
It noted that huge military build-ups, as well as various military tanks and machineries are heading toward the town of Izaz in Aleppo amid fears of committing newer massacres.
These harmful plaque build-ups can lead to gum disease and even tooth loss.
The Uefa technical report on the 2010-11 Champions League gives the number of goals scored from different build-ups.
Big powers have come to know that they can not change regional equations through such military build-ups.
Windows PCs can slow due to too many files, temp files, errors and other common build-ups.
Featuring ESAB's advanced surface characteristics, OK AristoRod resists corrosion during storage and handling, plus it avoids the problems associated with copper coatings--such as build-ups on feed units, liners and guns.
Traffic build-ups began yesterday lunchtime, with 20 sets of roadworks suspended from 6am today to Monday.
Build-ups of fat and other materials in coronary (heart) arteries were significantly more common in men with HIV than in a comparison group of men without HIV, even though all men had a low risk of heart disease indicated by traditional heart disease risk factors.