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The relationship between sleep and memory loss was suspected after heavy build-ups of the protein were found in people suffering from Alzheimer's and those with sleep disorders.
Big powers have come to know that they can not change regional equations through such military build-ups.
The inset shows a severe coronary artery fat build-up (artery illustration provided by Servier Medical Art, http://www.
The crash between a Ford Focus and a Ford Ka led to huge build-ups near the Blay-don turn-off, at the junction with the A69.
I had flown formation in the nastiest weather, day and night, and the build-up we were going to penetrate didn't look that bad.
Mr Hughes, who attended the call-out with Green Watch firefight-ers from Upton fire station, said: "We advise people ensure their chimneys are swept regularly to remove build-ups of combustible materials that can catch fire and spread.
The 140 CCTV cameras are principally for security purposes, but they are able to pick up many of the city's main roads, identifying traffic build-ups and their causes.
That's right: get ready for bigger build-ups and bigger crashes, whether you're in your own backyard, at a park, or on holiday.
I don't like slow build-ups, patient periods of passing and pedestrian play - certainly not in a derby match
England's new-ball pairing are key to the side's one-day plans, but have had injury-disrupted build-ups to the flagship event.
New finance minister It has also conducted monthly auctions of 91-, 182- and 273-day T-bills since 2011, consistently draining 4 billion riyals despite occasional build-ups of excess liquidity as well as a recent fall in demand for the bills linked to geopolitical tensions over the unrest in Syria.
So many of her exciting build-ups about whether Caligula was a megalomaniac who insisted on being worshipped as a God, a sexual pervert who committed incest with his own sisters, or a madman who appointed his horse as one of his Consuls, end with her having to admit that we just don't know.
Alexander Likhotal, said the persistent nuclear threat with over 20,000 nuclear weapons worldwide, is exacerbated by increased conventional military build-ups.
Police and ambulance paramedics were called to the scene, where local people and councillors say traffic flows and build-ups have increased significantly since the opening of the store.
It noted that huge military build-ups, as well as various military tanks and machineries are heading toward the town of Izaz in Aleppo amid fears of committing newer massacres.