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During the visit they are reviewing the current situation in the region, urging the sides to build upon the reduction in tensions that has followed the arrangements reached by the leaders in Dushanbe in September, and discussing ways to intensify the negotiation process and other next steps," said the organization.
Speed knows his team have to build upon encouraging performances in the last two matches and prove Wales really are going places under him.
"Within and across our communities we will continue to work together to build upon our relationships and partnerships which are built upon trust, mutual respect, recognition and embracing of all our communities in Birmingham."
The jigsaw puzzle pieces fit smartly together and every event is precisely positioned to build upon previous events and lead smoothly to the climax.
* SOLUTIONS: The team used proportions, materials, and detailing that would build upon the historic ND campus, also drawing from gothic precedents with a courtyard that forms a cloister shared by the two programs, Lisle says.
As the marketplace changes its demands, NorthernTel's IT Solutions and its team of specialists will continue to build upon current resources, augmenting its services in the quickly changing world of IT.
Joseph Sitt, owner of Thor Equities, has already acquired most of the parcels he needs along 3 acres of prime Coney Island land between West 10th and 5th street to build upon the allure of the neighborhood's colorful past, and realize his glitzy vision for the year round-resort which will include a luxury hotel, the mixed beachfront condos and neonlit stores and restaurants.
If we wish to build upon the strides and successes made during the 20th century, blacks must be prepared to excel in the 21st century.
AFSO21 continues to help this command build upon successes that were obtained in previously uncharted territory.
Edelstein, Ph.D.'s WRITER'S GUIDE TO CHARACTER TRAITS (1582973903, $16.99) provides over 400 reference lists of character traits from a range of behaviors, paired with tips on how to incorporate these traits into a plot and build upon it.
As a modern day voice teacher, it is impossible to ignore the lesson requests coming from young singers whose goal is to be the next "American Idol." Correct practice leads to correct singing in any style, and good vocal technique remains unchanged providing a secure foundation for any singing style to build upon. In this practical companion book to The Contemporary Singer, author Anne Peckham delivers a solid foundation of vocal exercises in an updated format that can lead to healthy singing for anyone.
In April, looking to build upon the success of its Vellux brand, WestPoint Stevens introduced a line of blankets called Velluxary.
I am challenging our partners-the provinces, territories, communities and industry to build upon Government of Canada initiatives by moving forward with their own strategies and investments," said Lucienne Robillard, Minister Human Resources and Skills Development.
"dBASE was the mother of all modern databases, and we're proud to build upon that legacy by continually improving and extending the dBASE line of products," said Larry D.