build up

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  • verb

Synonyms for build up

enlarge, develop, or increase by degrees or in stages

Related Words

form or accumulate steadily

prepare oneself for a military confrontation

bolster or strengthen

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Dreammachine marches along with continual uplifting synth washes and driving melodic keys, while Stargazer reminds of Orbital, with chimes and synth build ups.
Build ups of deadly gases, flooding and unstable power supplies could all cause problems, said the official China Work Safety News.
The company noted that the sensor's applications include monitoring of hydrogen concentrations in fuel cells, leak detection during the transportation and storage of hydrogen, industrial process gas monitoring and sensing hydrogen build ups in the lead acid storage batteries.
This release is conceptual, epically crafty and seething with doomotion and massive build ups and climaxes.
As the morning rush hour began, the screen exploded into an array of colour with arrow denoting build ups of traffic around Cambridge and on the M25 to the north of London.