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Reusing build outs isn't just smart business: it can also be of great benefit to the environment by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.
For example, International Data Corporation projects data center build outs will grow to more than 12-million sq.
High landlord concessions, such as inexpensive build outs and free rent, continue apace.
As enterprises increasingly adopt similar clustering architectures for large data center build outs, Force10 is committed to delivering the unmatched resiliency and predictable performance necessary to bring the benefits of cluster computing to enterprise customers.
Multinational enterprises benefit by using Netli services to outsource operations or expand into new markets and reduce costs by eliminating or avoiding costly data center build outs.
Lower rental rates, relatively new build outs, above standard amenities, existing furniture and cabling, minimized timeframes from lease signing to occupancy, and other such extras are the basic elements that make subleases so attractive.
Rollins-PCI specializes in corporate interior office build outs and with the D.
This unprecedented technical achievement highlights Red Sky's leadership in driving the convergence of terrestrial and undersea technologies to significantly lower network acquisition, operating and maintenance costs for new undersea network build outs.
That is, even if Intel makes deeper cuts in capital spending, equipment and processes to enable high end chip design in new fabs are unlikely to be impacted as these build outs are required strategically.