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an inlaid furniture decoration


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Since the beginning of the 1990s, Buhl has developed and distributed its own software products and is the leading supplier of control and financial software in the B2C segment with the "WISO Software" series.
Buhl plans to have a "diverse mix of tenants" in the building, said Buhl founder Pete Deanovic in an email to Finance & Commerce.
"Higher interest rates do cut into theincome that an apartment property can provide," Buhl said in his 2018 report.
Capitol branch customers were notified in April that the branch would be closing in July.<br />Wells Fargo will also close its Kimberly and Buhl branches on August 15.
The PPG contributions expand a 36-year partnership that started in 1981 with the Carnegie Science Center's predecessor organization, Buhl Science Center.
Territorial taxation is another way to address the taxation of companies with foreign earnings, but rules would be needed so companies don't shift overtax profits to lower tax countries, said John Buhl, spokesman for the Tax Foundation, a nonprofit right-leaning organization that focuses on tax policy.
Although its trademark does not yet appear in the dictionary as a substitute for glue, the UHU company of Buhl (Baden) Germany, is most definitely a member of the handful.
They develop its products in their own laboratories and most of their innovative products are "Made in Germany", manufactured in Buhl, the home for over 80 years.
Large black-and-white photos depict the Hall of Famers, including All-Pro football player Terry McDaniel, former world champion boxer George Lavigne, and major league baseball players Bob Buhl, A1 Luplow, and Curt Young.
Guests of the evening included: Julianne Moore; Henry Buhl, philanthropist, community activist and art collector; Kari Rosbeck, and CEO at Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance; Wendy Maitland, President of Sales, TOWN Residential; David Lipman; Christina Greeven Cuomo, Editor in Chief and Andrea Greeven Douzet, Publisher of Manhattan and Beach Magazine; Marcy, Michael and Blossom Warren; singer and jewelry designer Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin.
The market in Greece offers sound opportunities and Carlsberg believes that this combination is a significant move for the company's local operations, said Carlsberg CEO Jorgen Buhl Rasmussen.
In my recent papers Buhl (2011a, b), I keyed most described species of the larger genera of Afrotropical Platygastridae s.
The news followed the March appointment of Christian Buhl as the company's CEO.