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Synonyms for bugle

a brass instrument without valves

a tubular glass or plastic bead sewn onto clothing for decoration

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play on a bugle

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Most of the bugling was happening in that last hour before dark.
At this point, I will do deep growls, a lot of bugling and chuckles.
Bugling from atop a ridge overlooking the meadow revealed the herd's position, and the big bull's deep, distinctive growl confirmed his presence.
It's sad that soldiers are not being trained in bugling to fulfil ceremonial requirements from time to time.
The Wyoming Inn Elk Bugling Package for two includes the Wildlife Expeditions four-hour Sunset Expedition for two in a customized, safari-style vehicle accompanied by a biologist guide, and two nights accommodations for two in Queen/Queen or King room, including:
When he didn't see the source of the bugling he'd heard, he turned and left.
Some of my favorites include Primos' Hoss Bugle ($43) and Baffle Bugle ($36), Bugling Bull Game Calls' Bully Bull Bugling Tube ($30) and the ELK Inc.
It is, however, a wonderful area in which to experience the magic of a bugling elk hunt.
So I would stick with the plan, The weather surely would cool down in a few days, and the elk would get active and start bugling.
In the simplest terms, you must cover plenty of ground to find bugling bulls initially.
The uninitiated often simply think of bulls bugling, but cows, calves and bulls make all sorts of noises year-round.
If you were bugling, bugle with more intensity and start raking the trees to sound like another riled up bull.
Hunting mule deer, I waited in the dark for glassing light--and listened to a half-dozen bull elk bugling across Elk Basin.