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someone who plays a bugle

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SUBS: HP McGeary for Hampsey (HT), R Brennan for Cassidy (HT), B Kennedy for Donnelly (39), D McCurry (0-1) for C McCann (56), M McKernan for T McCann (56), N Sludden (0-1) for Mulgrew (68) DUBLIN: E Comerford; R O'Carroll, D Byrne, A McGowan; E Murchan, J Cooper, R McDaid; S Bugler (0-3), J McCarthy; E Lownes, C Costello (0-6, 4f), D Connolly (0-1); K McManamon (0-2), P Small (0-2), P Andrews (0-1) SUBS: P McMahon 6 for Byrne (HT), MD Macauley for McCarthy (HT), B Brogan (0-1) for Small (44), E O'Gara (1-0) for Cooper (45), C O'Connor for O'Carroll (55), P O Cofaigh Byrne for Connolly (70) REF: J McQuillan (Cav) ATT: 15,315 man of the match SEAN BUGLER 8 While game lacked intesity Bugler was up to speed.
"Buglers get to do the toughest part, I feel, as we have to do the Last Post to the deceased and during their repatriation," the 38-year-old told the GDN.
Bugler's initiative came to fruition after backing from Pauline Howell, the vice-president for staffing and talent at Cobham.
Daniel Butterfield and brigade bugler Oliver Norton crafted the new extinguish-lights bugle call.
Perhaps most famous for his role as a bugler who survived the Battle at Little Big Horn, Giovanni Martino (who later became John Martin) was born in Italy.
Gerald Creed, managing director of Bugler Coaches, said: "We were deeply shocked when we heard of this incident and once we had established what had happened, Mr Hill was immediately dismissed as we did not want him driving one of our buses ever again.
Then, Gwyneth Edwards recalls the lone bugler playing the Last Post.
"These guys are elite players," said Bugler, who added that nine of his players have been invited to try out for the University of Saskatchewan soccer team.
"I was so proud I was in the service, and especially as a bugler," Smith said.
The competitors are John Williams' "Olympic Fanfare" and "Olympic March" and the late Leo Arnaud's "Bugler's Dream," likely the three most-played songs during the Olympics.
The military's getting smaller, and the veteran population is getting older."Add to the situation the dwindling status of the military bugler. During the Civil War, every company had at least two musicians.
A solitary bugler played the Last Post in a fitting tribute as Dolly, his wife of 68 years, looked on.
"In honor of them and the service they provided, it is important that our nation preserve the tradition of a live bugler to play final military honors."
Sleeping Bear Press, 2006 $1795, 978-1-58536-253-0, Grades 4-6, When 11-year-old Gabe's only remaining brother enlists in the Union Army, Gabe goes along as a bugler to make sure that he comes back alive; then, he befriends the Confederate's young bugler.
The bugler plays "Taps." The rest of the ceremony takes place in the amphitheater.