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a signal broadcast by the sound of a bugle

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The period of silence was preceded by a bugler calling the Last Post, and followed by the bugle call of Reveille.
50 Chepstow A bugle call, trumpet call or pipes call most often associated with the military or summer camp; it is chiefly used to wake military personnel at sunrise.
THE bugle call has gone out to former Durham Light Infantrymen "with a tale to tell" to contact a Teesside filmmaker.
The origins of "the Last Post" bugle call stretch back nearly 500 years, it was originally used for posting guards at the Tower of London in 1544.
WITH reference to Cllr Joe Anderson's excellent bugle call for the resignation of one or more of the people involved in the fiasco over the cancellation of the Mathew Street Festival, etc (Daily Post, August 20).
Only one or two are outright myths, like the saccharin tale of the bugle call "Taps.
At the first note of the bugle call, they all -- except for the two hauling the flags up -- fall silent, hands over their hearts.
Nguigi's essay is a clear bugle call in the early morning air for speakers of all languages to rally around their cultural distinctiveness, to enjoy and assert in constructive ways their aesthetics mediated through language.
Up until the Civil War, the American infantry bugle call for Extinguish Lights (Lights Out) at the end of the day was one that had been borrowed from the French.
But when administered to nonlactating ("dry") dairy cows, the polysaccharide serves as a kind of biochemical bugle call that mobilizes the animals' immune system, especially to produce bacteria-killing 1 white blood cells.
In any case, when he does belatedly respond to the bugle call, can Owen turn a tide that would appear to be too strong ( or will he be just another King Canute?
Duties include cooking for the sergeants, exercise drills and getting dressed within five minutes of the morning bugle call for a flag ceremony.
In preparation for the impending federal election, the Commission has issued a lamentably indistinct bugle call for Catholic voters in the form of a public statement, "Election 2004: Responsibility and Discernment.