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Synonyms for bugle

a brass instrument without valves

a tubular glass or plastic bead sewn onto clothing for decoration

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play on a bugle

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References in classic literature ?
Once again the notes of the bugle rose high and clear upon the night air.
The houses of Koeldwethout and Swillenhausen were united; the spears rusted; and the baron's bugle grew hoarse for lack of blowing.
And now the bugle plays a lively air as the coach rattles through the ill-paved streets of a country town; and the coachman, undoing the buckle which keeps his ribands together, prepares to throw them off the moment he stops.
In the morning when the King awoke he was startled by these warlike sounds, the bugles and the drums, and the clatter of the horses, and the shouts of the soldiers.
Bugles waked him in the dawn; the schoolmaster caught him after breakfast, thrust a page of meaningless characters under his nose, gave them senseless names and whacked him without reason.
This was our friend the ex-collector of Boggley Wollah, whose rest was broken, like other people's, by the sounding of the bugles in the early morning.
The bugles had wakened everybody: there was no use in concealment now.
Contract awarded for Acquisition of equipment and supplies for medical surgical hospital district of san felix-nagabe bugle
I soon learned that Paul is a quiet, unassuming guide, who prefers to stalk bulls in their beds, or where they are feeding, rather than to bugle or cow call.
GENISA), the contractor for the dam, and the Ngabe Bugle indigenous group, which is vehemently opposed to the project because of environmental concerns.
L/Cpl Liam Seer-Boylan, a drum-|mer from 1st Battalion The Grenadier Guards, during the official launch of this summer's Beating Retreat on Horse Guards Parade, London, as he holds an original Waterloo Bugle recovered from the battlefield which will be played for the first time in 200 years during the Beating Retreat.
When do elk move most freely, bugle most brazenly, wander closest to civilization?
A BUGLE once played by a Marsden soldier sounded out the Last Post as a community gathered to honour the fallen soldiers from the First World War.
Sathyanarayana, has installed CCTV cameras in Bugle Rock Park in Basavanagudi area of the city to "keep a watch on public display of affection and reduce social menace".
Bugle Boy ponders what happened to Miller whose disappearance remains as much a mystery today as when the iconic American band leader went missing at the end of World War II.