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Synonyms for buggery

intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman

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Commonwealth Caribbean nations inherited their buggery laws during British colonial rule.
Merrick has denied 19 allegations of indecent assault and two of buggery.
PETER BROOK, care worker, 58: He was convicted of four indecent assaults, one buggery and one charge of gross indecency and jailed for eight years in 2002.
COLIN JENESON HOUSEMASTER, 59 Convicted of six indecent assaults, two buggeries and one attempted buggery.
"The Supreme Court says we have the right to kill babies and the right to commit buggery....
Although each constituency has its own specific hobby horses, for the most part they manage to stand united behind this one simple principle, which leads to scenes like the Christian Coalition lobbying for capital gains tax cuts (because, of course, the ABCs of moral concerns are abortion, buggery, and capital gains taxes).
While in prison he was charged with several sex assault charges ranging from buggery to attempted gross indecency for incidents involving young males who he supervised as a probationary officer.
Michael Lau, 42, now an insurance agent, was earlier convicted of two charges of indecent assault, one of gross indecency and another of attempted buggery.
Start by pointing out that good Catholics never talk about sex, and particularly about specialized practices such as buggery, which they would be totally unaware of if they had not, at some point in their lives, engaged in the sin of listening to Led Zeppelin's "Back Door Man." Prescribe 100 "Hail Mary's" for anyone who dares to utter the words "molestation," "pederasty," or even "sex scandal," and sit back to enjoy the blessed silence that ensues.
Hungerford was accused of consulting witches to see how long Henry VIII would live and also of "abominable and detested vice and sin" of buggery with a number of his male servants.
Nick begins the story by recalling how he and his father discussed the forbidden topic only twice in their whole early life together: once when his father explained "buggery" to him, and another when he made a reference to "mashing." But Hemingway develops this theme in a very specific way: not by having Nick sleep around, or sleep with women he doesn't care about - familiar tropes of adolescence but by having him sleep with an "Indian" woman.
Stridgeon previously pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault and one count of buggery on September 10 at Mold Crown Court.
The ex-Crewe coach is still due to stand trial for 48 offences, including 35 counts of indecent assault, 11 counts of buggery and two counts of attempted buggery.