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Synonyms for bugger

someone who engages in anal copulation (especially a male who engages in anal copulation with another male)

practice anal sex upon

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Black Buzzer, Black Fritz, Black Snatcher, Black Zonker, Black Woolly Bugger, Bloodworm, Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, Blobs.
The Times Educational Supplement told the ASA it received a complaint about the insert, but considered the phrase 'getting the buggers to behave' would be acceptable to most of its readers, who were teachers.
Sometimes a customer will become so smitten by the buggers, they cannot decide which piece to buy.
In a stage whisper he warned: ``The little buggers nip, you know.
Any guy who makes his living exterminating those nasty, little buggers deserves a column, but that's not why I wanted to talk to Buckingham.
Or if he does win, he buggers up his scorecard and gets
Then banish the buggers forever by washing all your brushes, combs, clothes and sheets in hot water.
Maybe the question becomes not so much how to bludgeon the little buggers into line, but how to model that work can bring joy.
That's right, the new Gilbert Flying Venus wall sconce is a serious integrated pest management tool that uses no chemicals to catch those nasty buggers.
All three Buddies have an impact-activated voice box with a set of wisecracks that are guaranteed to make you want to bash the little buggers - without offending impressionable young ears in the back seat.
Men were called thieves, rascals, rogues, robbers and buggers, but males made up only about ten per cent of the plaintiffs.
The algae bloom has peaked and is now receding, leaving more open water for fly fishing and less green goop on the flies of those trolling full sink lines and Wooley Buggers or Doc's Twin Lakes Specials.
Angel added: "I don't know what happened to any of the other girls but the guys were just playing silly buggers so far as I am aware.
A combination of low water, cold water temperatures and a series of storms left the trout uninterested in the small wooly buggers and other insect patterns tossed into two large reservoirs - by boat and from shore - and a nearby stream.
Fly-anglers might want to try brown and black woolly buggers.