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Synonyms for bugger

someone who engages in anal copulation (especially a male who engages in anal copulation with another male)

practice anal sex upon

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l WHEN the couple were in Goa, the electricity failed as he was trying to shave himself, Denis emerged into the open, soap-suds still adorning his face, and surprised fellow Commonwealth leaders by bellowing out: 'The buggeration factor is high and growing in this part of the world...'
In case you think I am being coarse, I am not; I am merely trying to bring to your attention yet another buggeration which is planned for sticking it up country people and taxpayers generally.
There are two major buggeration factors in the future of poor old Britain.
I think that it was just another example of "bunny hugger buggeration" and Defra thought that it could slip it in and no one would notice.
The English countryside that I have known and loved is fast being eroded by the creeping tide of urbanisation and bureaucratic buggeration.