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Synonyms for bugbear

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Synonyms for bugbear

an object of extreme dislike

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Synonyms for bugbear

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

an object of dread or apprehension


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Tickets are a bugbear Traffic wardens, most politicians and tomato ketchup on chips are a few of my many bugbears.
At a time when car parking and speeding are a constant bugbear, taken off and changing bus routes are a further retrograde step in improving atrocious public transport.
Men who use mobiles topped the list of pet hates for women, while women who turn into the traffic without looking were the main bugbear for men, a survey from car hire company Holiday Autos showed.
Truckers' and bikers' biggest dislike on motorways is middle lane-hogging motorists, while car drivers' main motorway bugbear is lorry drivers who cut them up.
Alcoa's Sardinia plant, in Portovesme, is a particular bugbear, with Brussels claiming the subsidies "do not seem to fulfil the requirements of [EU] regional aid guidelines", and "could create a serious distortion of competition in the European market of primary aluminium, where energy is an important ...
How awful it must be for BHB racing director Ruth Quinn having to deal with such a bugbear as Easter (Racing Post, April 14).
Yet despite his self-imposed focus, Cameron nonetheless lost his way in tackling that old survey curator's bugbear: inclusiveness versus depth.
Richard Briers, above: "My biggest bugbear is childproof lids on things like mouthwash.
What a sight to see mother and children going to school on a 'skipping bus' instead of that gas-guzzling mode of transport, the 4x4 -a bugbear on our roads today, and probably the second cause of obesity after fatty food.
Antivirus software provider Central Command has compiled its list of the most frequently occurring viruses for June 2003 and found that the BugBear.B worm is in number one spot.
In particular the business organisation wants to see construction of the M4 relief road at Newport, duelling of the A465 Heads of the Valleys road, and the age-old bugbear - improved road access to Cardiff International Airport.
Problems switching supplier was the second biggest bugbear.
He said the "biggest bugbear" in golf was slow play and it needed to be tackled and that meant applying penalties fairly across the board.
But it's always a bugbear how his Style Council stuff seems to take such a backseat although, granted, Shout To The Top did get an airing.