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Synonyms for bugaboo

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

a source of concern

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She enjoyed spending time with her beloved "bugaboos" at "Grandma's beach" in Hampton Beach.
The Bugaboos, named after a turn-of-20th Century gold hoax, have become icons of the mountaineering world.
At the picturesque Bugaboo Lodge, my fellow hikers and I were duly suited and booted with all the gear necessary for the days ahead.
To be blunt, Burman's work is the stuff of nightmares - quite literally so, as he parades before us in richly-worked images, on paper and on a modest scale which helps to suck us in, the phantoms, bugaboos and real-life serial killers who teem in the darkest recesses of our fears and imagination.
In addition, quiz your construction team on the latest techniques available to avoid common bugaboos. For instance, rooting has a strong asphalt smell that tends to upset people because they assume it's a dangerous odor, says Stewart.
The influx has brought to town the usual bugaboos. Traffic is thick on the highways, with no mass transit to alleviate the pressure.
But observers can expect two or three Bugaboos and one or two Capital Grilles in the coming year.
The real social problems of this country do not have anything to do with Clinton's sex life or with the panoply of rightwing bugaboos. They have to do with poverty.
For some reason I feel tempted to add to this the possible desire, on Graham-Dixon's part, to cultivate certain bombastic but admittedly fragile, blurb-dispensing egos by avoiding or else seconding their bugaboos. Graham-Dixon's condescending, un-hip articles about Warhol and Picabia are both suspect in this regard.
This is cited today by those who blame poor performance on the triple bugaboos of deflation, recession and competition from other classes of trade.
Perhaps the most scenic lodge is the Bugaboos Lodge, located at the foot of the great Marmolata Spire and the Bugaboo Glacier.
In the first place the Bohrean bugaboos were safely put away in the microcosmic world where we couldn't really touch them nor they us.
It was with this fact in mind that I had no qualms - well maybe just a few - about my trip up into the Bugaboos.