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Synonyms for bugaboo

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

a source of concern

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The Bugaboos, named after a turn-of-20th Century gold hoax, have become icons of the mountaineering world.
At the picturesque Bugaboo Lodge, my fellow hikers and I were suited and booted with all the gear necessary for the days ahead.
Every part appeared to have been named somewhere down the line ( Groovy Ridge, Silver Basin, Chalice Creek, Bugaboo Spire.
Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse and the Capital Grille -- that have e maintained a stately steady growth pace.
The company now owns, operates and franchises 139 restaurants, including 109 LongHorn Steakhouses, 17 Bugaboo Creeks and 11 Capital Grilles.
Bugaboo Creek Steak Houses are casual, family-oriented steakhouses built to resemble mountain lodges and decorated with animated displays such as a talking tree, talking moose and buffalo.
For some reason I feel tempted to add to this the possible desire, on Graham-Dixon's part, to cultivate certain bombastic but admittedly fragile, blurb-dispensing egos by avoiding or else seconding their bugaboos.
In the first place the Bohrean bugaboos were safely put away in the microcosmic world where we couldn't really touch them nor they us.
Indeed, INTERNET alfredo has facilities for everyone from the inveterate net surfer who wants to monopolize their lightning fast T1 connection, the business traveler struggling to download his e-mail against software bugaboos, and developers making the next generation of multimedia creating another parallel universe of their own.
Among the problems he'd like to address are the usual panoply of bogus environmental ills (overpopulation, ozone holes, global warming, landfill overflow); weird Oprah Winfrey bugaboos like 400,000 children abducted a year, many for the purposes of rape, murder, and torture; the rampant spread of heterosexual AIDS; and so on.