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Synonyms for bugaboo

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

a source of concern

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There is a shadowy valley behind Floyd and Ruby's house, where truly scary things live and the scariest of them all is the Bugaboo. Their mum tells them they mustn't go there, which is just the kind of challenge a feisty boy like Floyd finds overwhelmingly attractive.
Currently PS7.50, reduced from PS15, www.argos.co.uk Bugaboo by Diesel Denim Changing Bag A WASHED denim changing bag with black leather details and a cotton-twill lining, featuring eight inner and outer pockets including an insulated bottle pocket and an iPad pocket, and a separate changing mat.
In life there are no easy answers and in this cartoon --and in the city's politics--there are no easy answers but there is little doubt that the Reporter has proven to be Dyster's bugaboo as it exposes government waste while casting the light of transparency onto the shenanigans of Niagara Falls government.
Don't ask for Vegemite at Outback Steakhouses or Bugaboo Creek either.
Rapid growth without planning has always been the bugaboo for cities big and small, and no less so for the city of Worcester in the 19th century.
Following the start of the inter -South Sudanese crisis last December many analysts said that South Sudan succumbed in the old "African bugaboo": tribalism and called to put the new born state under UN trusteeship.
In related news, the duchess's massive impact on the British fashion industry is likely to be replicated for baby stroller company Bugaboo. The expectant mother has purchased the company's special-edition Cameleon3 baby stroller and the Dutch firm says it is excited by the prospect of seeing the royal baby in its product.
Just a few days later she gave another clue - this time indicating that the baby could be a boy, when she revealed that she bought a Bugaboo pram in light blue.
I love you, Sectarian Bugaboo, you are the Arab Dracula of the last two centuries.
Columbia Paccaly pass II jacket PS230 and Bugaboo pants PS90 from Snow + Rock.
He said the non-contagious Diseases are responsible of the spread of today's life-threatening bugaboo which includes cardiac, blood vessels, diabetes, respiratory system, kidney, eyes, tumors and others.