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any toad of the genus Bufo

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1 Table 3: Pesticide residues (in ng/g lipid) in aquatic species collected from the Kiti River in the Dridji area in the Republic of Benin Species op'- pp'- pp'- op'- pp'- DDE DDE DDD DDT DDT Clarias ebriensis <3 163 45 <3 6 Clarias gariepinus <5 403 95 6 11 Bufo regularis <10 68 <23 <10 <10 Xenopus muelleri <6 109 <14 <6 <6 Cardiosoma armatum <5 23 <23 <5 <5 Species [SIGMA]DDT [alpha]-endo %lipid Clarias ebriensis 214 31 4.
The specimens (UMMZ 102332) were originally deposited and cataloged as "arroyo toads", Bufo californicus, following the taxonomy of Myers (1930).
Bufo fowleri was not captured during this survey even though the study site is considered prime habitat for the species.
But Western Australia's Department of Environment and Conservation isn't so sure that euthanizing Bufo marinus with carbon dioxide is the kindest way to go, and says further tests are needed.
Bufo Marinas Blossom by Hodges was a large piece with the fly ash pattern running horizontally around its most impressive body, while Patmore's salt glazed Waisted Form had a most interesting blue-green orange peel pattern over much of its surface.
In a study by Komak and Crossland (28) on association of mosquito fish and Limnodynastes omatus (native frog) and Bufo marinus (non-native frog) it was stated that introduction of mosquito fish, Gambusia affinis holbrooki as a predator of eggs, hatchling and tadpoles affects both the native and non-native anurans thereby affecting the natural control of mosquito larvae.
Serotonin-degradative pathways in the toad (Bufo bufo japonicus) brain: clues to the pharmacological analysis of human psychiatric disorders.
Perhaps the most famous disappearance was that of Bufo periglenes, the golden toad, once the icon of Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.
Tihen (1962) ha sido el unico en considerar a Rhaebo haematiticus como un grupo monotipico independiente (grupo Bufo haematiticus), utilizando para ello la separacion de los huesos frontoparietal y prootico como un caracter diagnostico; sin embargo, Cei (1968) reconoce el grupo Bufo guttatus para asociar a la mayoria de las especies actualmente reconocidas dentro de Rhaebo (R.
Organised by adventure tour group Bufo Ventures, all proceeds from the event will go to the Everest Marathon Fund, which raises cash to support aid projects in rural Nepal.
But while Bufo marinus can only threaten a fraction of Australia's biodiversity, invasive plants could transform the whole environment of the Top End, potentially damaging our tourism and agricultural industries.
Increased resistance against cadmium toxicity by means of pretreatment with low cadmium/zinc concentrations in Bufo arenarum embryos.