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any toad of the genus Bufo

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Advertisement call variability in the Black-spined toad Bufo melanostictus (Anura: Bufonidae) during the breeding season in Lishui, Zhejiang, China.
boreas tadpoles returned 471 records (search conducted by requesting all Bufo boreas and Anaxyrus boreas records with the terms "tadpole OR tadpoles OR larva OR lot" and then eliminating any records that could not be confidently assigned as tadpoles).
Encounters between bombardier beetles and two species of toads (Bufo americanus, B.
2006: Isometric contractile properties of sexually dimorphic forelimb muscles in the marine toad Bufo marinus Linnaeus 1758: functional analysis and implications for amplexus.
A total of 19 tilapia, 19 fathead minnows, 11 Bufo tadpoles, and 9 Lithobates tadpoles were examined by dissection.
As Microgram's editor complained, "Many things that would have been better left buried in obscurity--like smoking bufo toad skins, sniffing concentrated cow pie fumes, allowing yourself to be stung by scorpions, smoking jimson weed or salvia divinorum, drinking cough syrups, mixing up concoctions of any of dozens of different kinds of drugs and pharmaceuticals, drinking ayahuasca tea, etc., etc., etc.--have been brought to light by the Internet, and are therefore practiced."
Effect of the dry-cold season dormancy on the tonic and phasic neural control of heart rate in the toad, Bufo paracnemis.