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like a clown

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It's a pity that her vision of a young lover is treated buffoonishly, however.
Readers new to Saba may want to delay immersion in the History and Chronicle of the Songbook and stick with the poems; despite Saba's infectious sense of humor and the general excellence of Sartarelli's rendition of his prose, he often comes across as almost buffoonishly self-mesmerized.
It also infuriates Milt's buffoonishly evil son Sonny (a hilarious Matt Knudsen), who vows grisly revenge.
Cameron Crowe's semi-autobiographical account of his days as a teenage rock journalist has it all - a crazed mentor (Philip Seymour Hoffman), a buffoonishly charismatic rock star (Billy Crudup), a mom (Frances McDormand) whose tough love is awfully soft, and the sweetest, most romanticized groupie ever imagined (Kate Hudson).
In one episode, Ali G sat down with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and buffoonishly spent torturous minutes ascertaining the correct spelling of Gingrich's name.