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like a clown

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According to the online urban dictionary a 'bro' is an 'alpha male idiot' while others, particularly when it is referred to someone who is white, see it as a buffoonish term.
Buffoonish teaching assistant Mr Poppy (Marc Wootton) joins forces with Lauren to restore her father's memory by visiting favourite haunts from his childhood.
Keynes and company are consistently buffoonish, demonstrating the broken window fallacy by elatedly throwing bricks through windows in the hope of stimulating economic activity.
He also was denounced as bitter, buffoonish, homophobic and a demagogue.
Well, the cold iron wind and the Hudson River from whence it blew, thirteen degrees on all the instruments and water in my eyes, but there was a fire someplace, it made my ears burn and sting, and me buffoonish in my old dirty down parka that I used to sleep in up in the Sierras with my little tent in the snow--I'd go in on skis by myself and write haiku in the candlelight because I believed such things would improve my inner being.
Will Ferrell's buffoonish alter-ego, who kicked up his flares in the media satire Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy, staggers bleary-eyed into the 1980s in Adam McKay's overlong and sporadically hilarious sequel.
That buffoonish behaviour, the clownish exuberance masks a hard right idealogue of unlimited ambition.
The buffoonish Bloom has referred to Africa as "Bongo Bongo land".
Also making an impact was Jim Alexander as buffoonish rake Algy Moncrieff who gave a larger than life performance which was by turns fey and suave.
Jaafarite Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan described the session as "a buffoonish soap opera and deceptive political game which changed nothing of the painful reality.
But what makes Ramirez's retirement so buffoonish is how he's refused to fade into retirement with at least some dignity.
Food critics quipped that the best thing about the city's culinary offering was the M6 - because it allowed diners to bypass this buffoonish blackspot on their way to more estimable eating venues.
Edgar Hoover, PurvisAAE boss, who comes across as self-serious and slightly buffoonish.
Signifying the toils, torments, and sometimes the joys of life, these buffoonish and occasionally revolting encounters recall the treatment of parables and personifications of human folly by sixteenth-century Netherlandish artists like Bosch and Bruegel.
You'll have to tune in to see if Stephen Fry's buffoonish police inspector can solve the crime.