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like a clown

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Though the film has sympathy for the school inmates, it presents the institution as cruel, archaic, ridiculous and stuffed with flag-waving buffoonish bullying philistines, leaving my preconceived opinions unchallenged.
Giinther Groissbock is suitably boorish and buffoonish as Baron von Lerchenau, one of the most difficult bass roles in the repertoire.
There's only one problem with Ryan's strategy regarding Trump, and that is that the buffoonish 69-year-old billionaire is a congenital liar who can't be counted on to keep his word.
Macheath - a skinny-jean clad anti-capitalist busker - starts asking what the Games will do for the poor, becoming a thorn in the side of media moghul Peachum and the buffoonish, shaggy haired mayor Lockitt.
If we leave aside the comedy buffoonish figure of Farage, who are we left with?
Featuring the characters of the beloved BBC show, we head back to Walmingtonon-Sea and its buffoonish platoon of the Home Guard.
RyZE (CyHAN)- Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an increased his indirect criticism of the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party's (HDP) on Monday ahead of a parliamentary election slated for June 7, calling the party "buffoonish" and saying "it is not in a situation to administer the economy."
When my younger sister visited, she put Isaiah's hair in a top-knot bun and I marveled at how much he reminded me of the vision-questing, buffoonish Erlich from HBO's Silicon Valley.
Rowling's deviation from wizard-lit clearly had plenty on its mind, including class distinctions and social justice, but the screen version skims too lightly over an abundance of characters, generally painting the adults as cartoonish or buffoonish, and reserving what little depth and sympathy exists for the teens.
Although there is a point where the British premier and the second in line to the throne are talking to each other minus their trousers, there is never any intention to make him look buffoonish, deceitful or unlikeable.
THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND Sky Movies Greats 10.20PM Forest Whitaker (below) embodies the brutal, buffoonish spirit of Ugandan despot Idi Amin's circus of horrors in a barnstorming Oscarwinning turn - charming, funny and quite crazy.
According to the online urban dictionary a 'bro' is an 'alpha male idiot' while others, particularly when it is referred to someone who is white, see it as a buffoonish term.
Buffoonish teaching assistant Mr Poppy (Marc Wootton) joins forces with Lauren to restore her father's memory by visiting favourite haunts from his childhood.