buffing wheel

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a wheel that is covered with soft material

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For honing, mount a hard felt buffing wheel on the bench grinder.
Like mentioned earlier I bought a buffing wheel and buff most of what I make to make it shine instead of liquid finishes.
Cerium Oxide rubbing compound is typically used with an electric buffing wheel for getting the scratches or etching out of the glass.
Chuck up the buffing wheel and set the drill press to its highest speed.
As the screw comes out the other side, provide an electric- or air-powered buffing wheel with an appropriate metal polish.
We used to polish frames on a buffing wheel to remove slight blemishes as the mottling and colours went through the whole frame, but not now.
The craftsmen that barreled, buffed, and blued them were rather zealous, and depending on the craftsman's individual skills, some rifles have slightly rounded edges where the buffing wheel was applied a bit too aggressively.
The kiss of death for the beginning gunsmith is the buffing wheel.
Because the work is difficult and takes a long time and hard work, the temptation is to run over to the buffing wheel and "get 'er done.
Each unit includes an illuminating overhead light for enhanced operator visibility, as well as a built-in diamond point tool for truing and dressing the buffing wheel.
Although never use the same wire buffing wheel for steel, aluminum, brass, as residual deposits on the wheel cause spots, discoloration on blueing or plating, and can leave rusty specks embedded in brushed stainless steel.
Limited Tenders are invited for Buffing Wheel (High Density)
In fact, I'm willing to bet that hardly anyone keeps track of the number of guns that can be blued with 50 pounds of salts, let alone how long a buffing wheel lasts or how much compound is used.