buffing wheel

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a wheel that is covered with soft material

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Chuck up the buffing wheel and set the drill press to its highest speed.
Like mentioned earlier I bought a buffing wheel and buff most of what I make to make it shine instead of liquid finishes.
That's all there is to a buffing wheel, You press the edge of a dull tool against the edge of the spinning wheel, and in a minute or so it's sharp enough to shave hair cleanly.
Unfortunately the night before the appraisal the man polished the sword on a buffing wheel and took off the original patina, reducing the value to about $4,000.
Each model includes an illuminating over-head light, as well as a built-in diamond point tool for truing and dressing the buffing wheel.
Never use any kind of buffing wheel on your silver.
The ideal model has an 8- to 14-inch diameter bleached muslin buffing wheel with bias strips that give a pleated appearance.
Generally, a hard, close-stitched buffing wheel of coarse muslin is used with tripoli.
Although never use the same wire buffing wheel for steel, aluminum, brass, as residual deposits on the wheel cause spots, discoloration on blueing or plating, and can leave rusty specks embedded in brushed stainless steel.
Tenders are invited for supply of spindle mounted mop and flexible buffing wheel at beml, bangalore complex
Because the work is difficult and takes a long time and hard work, the temptation is to run over to the buffing wheel and "get 'er done.
To clean the deep grooves in the door shown here, we followed up with a buffing wheel ($5) and drill.
Each model includes an illuminating overhead light, as well as a built-in diamond point tool for truing and dressing the buffing wheel.