buffet car

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a passenger car where food is served in transit

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RAILWAYS union the RMT have warned it could strike if East Coast scraps train buffet cars to make way for more seats.
Ten people will be chosen at random on September 23 to be semi-finalists for the Country Buffet Car Sweepstakes.
John used to be greatly troubled if there was no buffet car on the return trip.
With capacity for 533 passengers, each train will consist of eight cars - two first class cars, a buffet car and five second class cars.
A two course dinner for passengers will be prepared earlier in the station's kitchen and loaded onto the buffet car.
Some fans who paid pounds 200 for a first-class return from London to Cardiff had to stand for the entire journey and complained that food in the buffet car ran out within an hour of leaving London.
has 10 main characters including a childminder called Granny Murray, Tina the taxi driver and Raymond the train buffet car attendant.
His mother was a schoolteacher, his father a railroad man, operating a buffet car running on the Michigan Central.
The train driver suffered shock, and a member of the buffet car staff was treated for a minor neck injury.
It is believed that the 25-year-old jumped out of the window of the London to Manchester Virgin train minutes after stealing cash from the buffet car.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Set of seat attachment profile for lhb hot buffet car, lhb chair car & lhb non ac chair car coaches.
The RMT said it is campaigning to avoid job losses, keep a safetycompetent guard on every train, maintain buffet car facilities and ensure that the maintenance of new rolling stock remains in-house.
This is the sort of meal you get in a buffet car on a train in Japan" - Jane Fonda looks down her nose at fish in a bag offered to her during a classy champagne reception in Cannes.
On a similar vein- or more accurately, train - I still wonder if buffet car attendants actually receive specialist training that allows them to keep a straight face when finally telling you how much that cup of tea you have just purchased actually cost?
Price includes: Standard PS109pp/PS268 family - including a reserved seat at table for four First PS169pp/PS428 family - including morning coffee and Danish pastry, afternoon tea with a selection of finger sandwiches, scones, jam and cream Premier Dining PS259pp/PS688 family - including full English breakfast, light lunch and a four course dinner silver served at your seat Buffet car available.