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Saturated buffers don't take a lot of land out of production, and they are fairly inexpensive to install, at $3,000 to $4,000 to treat the drainage water from a field-sized area, roughly 30 to 80 acres.
According to Reuters, the central bank said that it would further raise the countercyclical capital buffer for banks later next year if excessive loan growth was observed.
Suggestions and comments to the draft ordinance 'On risk ratio buffers for certain asset types and characteristics of asset types subject to setting risk ratio buffers' will be accepted by 11 May 2018.
The only thing I've encountered (but only a couple of times) with replacement buffers is making sure there is enough "room" for the bolt stop to function when it all bottoms out.
Delivering up to 50 percent lower power than comparable competitive devices, IDT's dual-channel buffers allow board designers to reduce power consumption while maintaining clock performance.
Schober, "Max-max relay selection for relays with buffers," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol.
As expected and shown in Figure 1, costs/L of buffers tend to decrease as facility size and bioprocessing scales increase.
At that time, the county permit conditions were equivalent to DPR's 2013 recommended permit conditions plus an added requirement that areas treated within a 12-hour period that have overlapping buffers are treated as a single field for the purpose of calculating buffer zone distances.
Heying Zhang et al (2012) reported on multi-VC dynamic shared buffers, they have proposed a novel multi-VC dynamic shared buffer called DAMQ-PF (Dynamically Allocated Multi-queue-Prefetch).
Lindquist [16] considers that capital buffers are to absorb the shocks whether expected or unexpected when the bank is facing costs from low level of capital and the cost of raising external capital is high.
For a RxC NPS, it buffers R-1 full rows of input image in RBs by using Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs) as chain of shift registers [5].
VIRGIN Trains is installing automatic sanding equipment on its Super Voyagers after one crashed into the buffers at Chester.
Salamander responses to small stream buffers that retain trees in the Pacific Northwest, however, show varied results.