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a neutral zone between two rival powers that is created in order to diminish the danger of conflict


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Unficyp strongly urged hunters to refrain from dangerous or irresponsible actions in and around the buffer zone.
Even though a buffer zone agreement has been hammered out, "it is a plan that is deeply flawed", the paper went on to say.
Meanwhile, senior lecturer at UTM, Dr Shazmin Shareena Ab Azis said the ideal distance for a buffer zone in heavy industrial areas such as Pasir Gudang should be 500 metres away from residential areas.
If the study finds that the buffer zone would be affected, Rentoria said they would 'talk to the DPWH.'
Last October, Europa Nostra organised visits to the UN-controlled buffer zone of Nicosia followed by a major public discussion on the Endangered Cultural Heritage there.
The buffer zone will provide a breathing space for Syria and Turkey.
The DFO said the department of health and tehsil municipal administration was approached time and again to kill stray dogs in the buffer zone and core area of the park, but to no avail.
The Syrian Army argues that the militants should have left the designated buffer zone already, as the date for their withdrawal was set for October 15th.
However, he also said that this does not mean that they will not push through with the bridge project, since there may be other ways to construct the bridge without it intruding in the buffer zone requirement.
File: An army check point is seen in El-Arish city, in North Sinai July 15, 2013- Reuters CAIRO -- 14 October 2018: Compensations of more than LE 1.3 billion were provided to the residents, who were living along the Gaza Strip Border Crossing with Egypt in Northern Sinai to establish the buffer zone. In an interview with "Egypt Today" program, military spokesman Tamer el-Rifai said that more than 3,000 underground tunnels connecting Egypt with Gaza Strip were found along the border in the past few years.
The deputy minister said that there is a buffer zone in Khorgos located on the border of Kazakhstan and China.
"I appreciate that those protesting have firmly held beliefs, and that they have a fundamental right to protest; a buffer zone would not stop them doing so.
figure By GEORGE SAYAGIE The government has ordered the Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation to stop picking or cultivating of tea at the 25-kilometer buffer zone.A government enforcement Unit stormed the offices at Siera Leon, Narok South, and ejected the workers.
On June 18, the District 86 school board had a meeting where the topics of eliminating the school buffer zone and changing the school boundaries between Hinsdale Central and South were discussed.