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where [[psi].sup.[alpha].sub.j,n] is the coefficient of the jth buffer store in case of storing the nth type product in the ath manufacturing system.
The state of the buffer store is expressed as follows:
A high degree of reliability was paramount combined with the need for flexibility to switch product within the system - for example into the buffer store or into the dryers or kilns.
Trays are then destacked and product is unloaded for further packing, whilst empty trays are stacked in a buffer store before being destacked for further loading so the cycle can commence again.
The input buffer stores input data object and forwards them to the application process.
However, as buffer stores are removed to improve flow through the plant, the ability to recover quickly from a lengthy breakdown also disappears.
There are no buffer stores placed between logistic blocks in the discussed case.
When considering the problems associated with segregation, it is beneficial for the reader to be aware of the two main discharge behaviours that can develop in hoppers, bins and buffer stores.
We have the Andon system and there are buffer stores between the relatively short, independent assembly lines, which have around 20 work stations each.
A buffer stores up to 100 alarms detected during operation.
This gives the user greater freedom (and fewer interruptions while working), allowing work in progress to continue while the PC-A100's buffer stores documents.
Assuming the k -th relay buffer stores [L.sub.k] (0[less than or equal to][L.sub.k][less than or equal to] L) data packets that has total L + 1 different state values.