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Additional features include an intermediate buffer storage table between the rip saw and the crosscut saw to ensure both saws work concurrently; dynamic rack-and-pinion drives for program fences and saw carriages; a touch-free magnetic measuring system impervious to dust and wear; and standard built-in head-cut capability.
Another Pipeline of 24' dia originating from P-1 leads to KESC Bin Qasim Power Plant, where PSO has a small Buffer Storage.
VSM has dual ACS, media duplexing, and a fault-tolerant architecture including robotics and disk buffer storage.
the major dust collection and buffer storage silo used to route hot return sand through a separate sand cooler is not required.
The facilities will include a conditioning room with buffer storage which will keep the prepack and freeflow lines operational for two weeks during times when harvesting is delayed.
remarks, "When fewer chemical units are used in the manufacture of polysilicon, the advantages are lower capital and operating costs over plants with multiple smaller unit operations and, in addition with fewer operational units, simpler operations result which lead to lower on-site chemical buffer storage capacities and thus safer operations.
Contract notice: gyE[micro]ngyE[micro]soroszi mine water treatment plant capacity of 14,000 m3 buffer storage of cleaning and dewatering of the extracted material utilization or disposal.
European Conveyor Systems has completed the installation of a heavy-duty pallet handling system at McCain Foods' factory, near Peterborough to provide significant buffer storage between production and cold store.
Where practical, simplify and reduce backup procedures using continuous data protection (CDP) technologies, disk-to-disk copy and snapshots that give users greater control of their data protection and backup process as well as make it possible for users to utilize disk technologies to buffer storage and avoid the ever shrinking backup windows.
Containers and equipment that may be used to provide for buffer storage and transfer would include tubs, flats or baskets moved by lift truck; hoppers and chutes moved by lift truck; roller and monorail conveyors; powered rollers; and conveyor belts.
With on-board FPGA-based SDRAM for video buffer storage, high-bandwidth links to host processors via local or external bus, programmable FPGA fabric, and programmable GPIO, the AKA PRISMs are ideal platforms for driving video displays of all types and sizes.
Purchasing and installation of a)100 solar hybrid PVT panels on the roof of boiler house of rehabilitation center "Ptich" with a total area of about 200 square meters, b) the buffer storage tank thermal energy capacity of 15 + 15 = 30,0mA for the preparation of hot water and electricity.
The company offers Slatband, Air Cushion and Vacuum Belt conveying systems using Inverter/PLC controls linked to Asi, Fieldbus and SCADA networks, as well as associated machinery such as Buffer Storage Units, Inline Feeders and Shrink Wrap Tunnels.
Coupled with the company's leading light-directed product or parts retrieval systems, advanced storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and high-speed carousel systems, the enhanced product suite will fully integrate shipping, buffer storage, order consolidation, retrieval, order fulfillment, cross-docking and returns handling for applications operating on standard industry software.