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The number of VPR and relative sizes influence the size of the downstream ambient air-heat exchanger and buffer storage (receiver).
"We transfer the sludge in batches to the new plant where it settles in one of the enormous buffer storage tanks and then the top layer of water is sent back to the pond.
The MultiPick Robotic Gantry System combines buffer storage and order fulfillment in a single automated system.
Typical application areas are distribution centers, production storage, buffer storage, the food & beverage sector and chilled or frozen storage.
The Dwarka facility has an electrolyser for producing hydrogen and a compressor along with a buffer storage facility.
"This is also an opportunity to expand our knowledge of the post-war years and the use of the site as a storage for mustard gas, as a buffer storage depot and the use of the tunnels for other purposes.
Hutchison comments: "At BITO we are converting a lot of traditional racking installations into carton live at the bottom and the introducing push back racks for the pallet buffer storage to help ensure replenishment is separated from picking."
Gleason Corporation has introduced the P 90, a horizontal hobbing machine that combines high cutting speeds with a fast, fully integrated gantry loader system with buffer storage. Easily adaptable to different part types, this machine offers the potential for significant improvements in overall cycle times.
It combines high cutting speeds with a fast, integrated gantry loader system, with buffer storage, offering the potential for cycle time improvement.
Additional features include an intermediate buffer storage table between the rip saw and the crosscut saw to ensure both saws work concurrently; dynamic rack-and-pinion drives for program fences and saw carriages; a touch-free magnetic measuring system impervious to dust and wear; and standard built-in head-cut capability.
VSM has dual ACS, media duplexing, and a fault-tolerant architecture including robotics and disk buffer storage. Offering up to 64 virtual tape drives per system and a nearly unlimited number of virtual cartridges, the device provides both device and media emulation.
* the major dust collection and buffer storage silo used to route hot return sand through a separate sand cooler is not required.
The development targets buffer storage applications for just-in-time inventories.