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a small neutral state between two rival powers

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It would be a buffer state between, Pakistan, China and India, all three of which are lanced with nuclear power.
2 shows the composite Markov model for a communication system with 8 channel states and 16 buffer states that was used in simulation in this paper.
Perhaps because Kim is acutely aware of the geopolitical value of North Korea as a buffer state next to US ally South Korea.
Sutherland's description of Kentucky alone and how it was utilized as a buffer state between the Union and the Confederacy is fascinating and causes the reader to critically think about how our contemporary operating environment may be better understood through the study of history.
Canadian boundary and they insisted that their Indian allies in the northwest be protected - in effect, they wanted a buffer state of Indian tribes that would include most of what is now Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan.
Will the two countries respect Nepal as a buffer state to save this situation?
Right now, Beijing has an (admittedly wacky) Commie buffer state on their border.
The first Great Game was resolved a century ago by making Afghanistan a buffer state in which outsiders did not interfere.
The reason given for the invasion was that the Afghan leader, Emir Dost Mohammed Khan, was pro-Russian and Britain wanted to keep Afghanistan as a buffer state between British India and what was seen as an ever-expanding Russian Empire.
Then Myanmar, on its own, will be an isolated buffer state sandwiched between China and India, each of which eyes the other very carefully,'' he said.
The event officially kicked off with partner pairing Friday evening at the beautiful convention center in General Buffer State Park.
There are at least four opinions defended in current scholarship: (1) He was in fact a Nubian general of the Egyptian Pharaoh Osorkon I; (2) Shishak had established a buffer state around Gerar, protected by Nubian mercenaries [the inhabitants of Gedor=Gerar in 1 Chr 4:40 are called Hamites], who eventually attacked Judah; (3) Cush does not refer to Nubia but to an otherwise unknown bedouin group living in the vicinity of Judah (note the reference to tents, sheep, goats, and camels in 2 Chr 14:15); or (4) Zerah is largely fictitious, but this battle may represent a skirmish in the vicinity of Mareshah in the postexilic period.
The problem is getting to the point where "Korea would become a neutral buffer state and, as such, would be a stabilizing force in Northeast Asia" as long as both the ROK and DPRK exist, which may very well persist for a long time, as Part One advises.
Although it is a small country, as a buffer state, it holds an important place in mainland South-east Asia.
Tibet would serve as a buffer state and, being deliberately undeveloped, would be fertile ground to demonstrate the benefits from a progressive socialist state.