buffer solution

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a solution containing a buffer

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After collection the rumen fluid was quickly quantified and was transferred into dark bottle containing buffer solution at 1: 2 ratios (one part of the rumen fluid with two parts of the buffer solution), purged with CO2 to remove oxygen and tightly closed.
The dried sample materials were allowed to remain immersed in buffer solution for 48 hours at 37[degrees]C temperature.
nigra (Sun) group (n = 5): 5 ml buffer solution with lipid fraction + 1 ml FeCl2 + 1 ml 10 mM H2O2 + 1 ml sun-dried fruit extract
This experiment has revealed several trends that are useful for predicting the availability of DMA from a cured silicone matrix into a sodium phosphate saline buffer solution at 6.
Meanwhile, the effect of pH on the activity of encapsulated was measured at different pH (3 - 7) by using citrate phosphate buffer solution.
Rinse the pH sensor in warm tap water and check/standardize the sensor in buffer solutions.
Antibodies may be lyophilized or supplied in a specified buffer solution.
Spectral measurements were taken using an EI FLS920 spectrometer in a temperature controlled 1 cm quartz cuvette in Phosphate Buffer Solution at 22[degrees]C, this temperature retained uniform tissue viability over 16 hours.
A qualitative guided inquiry lab was designed on pH of strong and weak acids, and change in pH after adding diluted hydrochloric acid to a buffer solution and distilled water.
When asked by Mr Cotter why he didn't check what 10Xs meant, Dr Mansur said: "Because to me it was a pure replacement to a normal phosphate buffer solution, it didn't alert me.