buffel grass

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erect tussock-forming perennial bur grass used particularly in South Africa and Australia for pasture and forage

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The buffel grass is originally from Africa and Asia--India (Humphreys, 1967) and produce forage with good palatability and digestibility and high nutritional value, being well accepted by the animals at any growth stage.
Seed dormancy and factors controlling dormancy breakdown in buffel grass accession from contrasting provenances.
Thin roots (< 2 mm) of maize, beans, opuntia and buffel grass were collected in each experimental plot, washed in water and stored in plastic receptacles containing 50% alcohol, for preservation until the analysis.
The Farmers' Services Centre has determined that buffel grass, a kind of pasture grass, is a more sensible alternative to Rhodes grass and the centre has begun educating farmers on its proper cultivation methods.
Key words: Buffel grass, clipping stages, morphological characters, biomass
The projects to manage buffel grass across about 80 percent of the State have been awarded the funding through the Council s Significant Environmental Benefit Grants Program.
Production and management of Buffel grass pasture, Progressive Farming, NARC, Islamabad, Pakistan.
In C3, unburnt timber was left and the catchment was sown to buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris cv.
2kg (NRC, 1984), times the concentration of each mineral in the plant of buffel grass, reported in Table III.
Since becoming a National Park, African buffel grass has grown wild and if we do not allow cattle to graze, this introduced species will continue to grow, dry out through the winter and present a dangerous fire risk in the spring.
This was followed by butterfly pea at 66 per cent, buffel grass at 65 per cent and Wynn cassia at 61 per cent.
4] plants such as buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris), analysis of stable carbon isotope ratios ([[delta].