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I took all the flavors of a Buffalo wing and stuffed them into a mushroom cap, then baked it.
Buffalo Wing Lager will be locally available beginning this month on draft and in hot, medium, and mild variety six-packs, for the suggested retail price of $8.99.
The idea for the festival came from a movie called "Osmosis Jones.'' Bill Murray starred as a compulsive eater with a goal of attending the Super Bowl of junk food, The National Buffalo Wing Festival.
Located at the Emaar Square, customers can expect premium quality food and sizzling flavours from the restaurant, said a statement from Buffalo Wings & Rings.
Customers can choose their favorite, fresh, never-frozen buffalo wings in-store, online, or by phone.
Though a bit ironic, Chicken wings are usually called Buffalo wings because they originated from Buffalo, New York, back in 1964 Teressa Bellissimo, owner of Anchor Bar, needed to make a quick tasty snack for her son and his college friends, so she covered some chicken wings in butter and hot sauce and deep fried them, that is when everything changed.
Buffalo Wings and Rings is a newcomer to the Limassol dining scene and has made a delightful splash.
See an easy and quick (http://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/recipes/a51133/classic-buffalo-wings-recipe/) recipe here  to learn how to whip up some buffalo wings that will make your party an instant hit.
At the 2011 New York's National Buffalo Wings festival, the South Korean accomplished a feat that will probably never be bettered, devouring 183 wings in 12 minutes.
The other offering is a BBQ Meatballs and Buffalo Wings Party Tray that includes flame-seared Buffalo wings.
Founded in 1964, the original Anchor Bar restaurant is a Buffalo, NY, destination internationally known for serving up over 1,000 pounds of wings daily to celebrities, political leaders and thousands of customers who seek the unique and great taste of Frank and Teressa's Original Buffalo Wings. Although many have tried to duplicate the delicacy, the closely guarded secret recipe is proclaimed, "best wings in the world." Buffalo wings have grown to be a national food icon and restaurant menu item.
Dieters are sure to perk up at the sight of Buffalo Wings, a Sizzling New York Strip steak with Bleu Cheese, or New York Cheesecake.
In March of this year, whilst visiting the International Food Exhibition (IFE), Potter and Hughes, agents for US food giants TK Maxx and Marshalls, were impressed by both the taste and packaging of the Discovery products, and placed orders for the company's Mexican Pepper Sauce, Texan Marinade, and Basting Sauces for Chicago Sticky Ribs and New York Buffalo Wings. The order will supply approximately 1,200 outlets across the States.
The wings, of course, are more than just the American comfort food; these are award-winning Buffalo wings served with 18 signature sauces and dry seasonings of your choice-from the mild Sweet BBQ to the wild Blazin' hot sauce.