buffalo grass

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low mat-forming grass of southern United States and tropical America

short grass growing on dry plains of central United States (where buffalo roam)

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Sweetgrass, also known as Holy Grass, Buffalo Grass, Vanilla Grass, and Zebrovka, is one of the four sacred plants, (including cedar, sage and tobacco) and is used as a tool for prayer and purification.
The purpose of my project is to test the influence of dextrose in relationship to osmotic pressure when buffalo grass cultures are frozen in liquid nitrogen.
The stock farm says the black cattle make ''healthy beef'' because they are fed chemical-free buffalo grass and non-genetically modified corn.
Escaping the past like pioneers crossing the prairie where the relentless wind barely ripples the buffalo grass, the best of our artists still shoot from the hip.
And converting a traditional lawn to short-growing grasses like buffalo grass can reduce local air and noise pollution and save time, by reducing lawn-mower use.
Fed up with the hassle, Watts turned to xeriscaping 11 years ago Today he grows wildflowers and buffalo grass, a native prairie grass that can be left to grow naturally (it reaches a maximum height of 6 to 8 inches) and is drought- and cold-tolerant.
If mowed two or three times in the first few years, buffalo grass and blue grama will spread more vigorously and then will only need to be mowed once a year, in the Spring.
Buffalo grass, cacti, succulents, and hardy indigenous flowers, shrubs, and trees that can survive on rainfall alone put no stress on city water departments or water tables.
TIC Verde' buffalo grass (pictured at left) is another good choice--it's pretty and quite tough, though slow to fill in and turns brown in winter.
Dominant grasses are barley (Hordeum pusillum), buffalo grass (Buchloe dactyloides), and rescue grass (Bromus catharticus).
The program includes "Like Wind on the Buffalo Grass: In Memoriam Crazy Horse," a work commissioned by the Oregon Percussion Ensemble in 1980 from New York composer Noyes Bartholomew.
Bermuda, buffalo grass and zoysia are warm-season species..
The purpose of this project is to select for salt tolerance of buffalo grass, wheat, and blue grama seeds.
In reality, grasses such as bluestem, sideoats grama, or sometimes buffalo grass are generally planted first to get good vegetative cover on a new site as quickly as possible.