buffalo grass

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low mat-forming grass of southern United States and tropical America

short grass growing on dry plains of central United States (where buffalo roam)

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A: Buffalo grass is a water-thrifty grass that requires little, if any, mowing.
I remember a large home owner's association in Thousand Oaks that utilized buffalo grass (Buchloe dactyloides) as a lawn substitute in some of the association's common areas.
ROCKY MOUNTAIN Buffalo grass or blue grama below 6,500 feet; fine fescue above.
Cut tall fescue such as Marathon to 21/2 inches tall; annual ryegrass, buffalo grass, fine fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass to 2 inches; St.
For drought tolerance, consider planting a native like blue grama or buffalo grass (or a blend of the two).
In the intermountain West, Kentucky bluegrass is a favorite, though buffalo grass (sometimes blended with blue grama) is making inroads with gardeners who want to save water.
Buffalo grass (Buchloe dactyloides): dormant in winter, good in the desert; sun.
As soon as night temperatures rise above 70 [degrees], plant Bermuda or improved buffalo grass.
If you have cool-season grasses (such as fescue, Buffalo grass, and Kentucky bluegrass), cut them at 2 to 3 inches.
We found the dinners at the nearby Russian Renaissance Restaurant (5241 Geary) overpriced; on the other hand, it's fun to down a shot of vodka flavored with buffalo grass and applaud (as we did on our last visit) at tableful of Russian businessmen crooning a heavily accented rendition of "What I Did for Love.
The brome-fescue needed about half as much water, the buffalo grass blue grama about a quarter.