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small blackish stout-bodied biting fly having aquatic larvae

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In Arkansas I once observed a herd of deer run from one end of a field to the other over and over, trying to escape buffalo gnats. They finally found refuge in the smoke of a large windrow control fire set by a friend of mine.
* Black flies, also known as buffalo gnats, are smaller biting flies, about one-eighth of an inch long.
Like something out of a horror film, buffalo gnats travel in cloudlike swarms that darken the sky.
To make matters worse, some years buffalo gnats join the party, and they will happily fly off with chunks of your hide.
Some call them black gnats, while others know them as buffalo gnats. I call them the devil's spawn.
The breathable fabric has snug-fitting elastic cuffs to stop ticks, chiggers, ants, biting flies, buffalo gnats, and other biting insects.
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