buffalo fish

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any of several large suckers of the Mississippi valley

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3,4,7) Although federal and state health laboratories have not identified the heat-stable myotoxin in Haff disease, mice fed samples of toxic buffalo fish developed histopathological evidence of rhabdomyolysis with renal tubular myoglobin and myoglobinuria.
2,3) All five patients were Ukrainian immigrants to the US who had consumed cooked buffalo fish within a mean incubation period of eight hours (Range = 6-21 hours).
On further investigation, the Ukrainian immigrants had selected buffalo fish to eat because it either resembled a carp-like fish in their homeland, had scales and white flesh; or was suitable for preparation as gefilte fish.
Six (75%) of the eight persons who ate buffalo fish became ill.
No fish or unusual animal die-off was noted in the areas where buffalo fish were caught.
All patients had eaten buffalo fish before becoming ill; 8 of the 12 patients were California residents, although the buffalo fish was caught in Louisiana or Missouri waters.
Patient 3 On March 9, a husband and wife (both aged 33 years) from Ukraine ate fried buffalo fish purchased from the same market where patients 1 and 2 purchased their fish.
Patients 4 and 5 On June 8, a Ukrainian husband and wife (aged 66 and 58 years, respectively) ate a dish consisting of ground buffalo fish and carp One hour later, the wife vomited.
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