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Running buffalo clover is adapted to periodic soil disturbance (which historically is believed to have come from bison hooves), and raking may be just what the clover needs.
It provides for the continued protection, management, and monitoring of running buffalo clover within Congress Green Cemetery, and implements some of the activities identified in the species' revised recovery plan.
In Ohio, recent recovery efforts for running buffalo clover have focused on transplantation and habitat management, and have involved federal, state, county, non-governmental organizations, and private partners.
On Earth Day of 2003, a "transplant team" consisting of state biologists and land managers, as well as volunteers and Service biologists, moved 195 running buffalo clover plants, under an agreement with the landowner and developer, to a nearby state natural preserve.
Abbreviations: DAI, days after inoculation; J2, second-stage juveniles; J3/J4, third-stage/fourth-stage juvenile, RKN, root-knot nematodes; RBC, running buffalo clover.
Viruses affecting running buffalo clover, Trifolium stoloniferum.