buffalo clover

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low-growing annual herb of southwestern United States (Texas) having silky foliage and blue flowers

clover of western United States

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Running buffalo clover is adapted to periodic soil disturbance (which historically is believed to have come from bison hooves), and raking may be just what the clover needs.
It provides for the continued protection, management, and monitoring of running buffalo clover within Congress Green Cemetery, and implements some of the activities identified in the species' revised recovery plan.
Tolin believes a vitally important aspect of running buffalo clover's survival is sympathy and cooperation from landowners fortunate enough to have this near-extinct plant growing on their property.
Because running buffalo clover occurs in two fairly distinct habitat types (shaded lawn and open woodland), management recommendations are required for both habitats.
In Ohio, recent recovery efforts for running buffalo clover have focused on transplantation and habitat management, and have involved federal, state, county, non-governmental organizations, and private partners.
Beyond directly protecting habitat for running buffalo clover, the Service is working closely with private landowners to conserve populations threatened by development.
Determination of endangered status for Trifolium stoloniferum (Running buffalo clover).
(buffalo clover: Leguminosae) in Ohio, its history and present status.
The prevalence and distribution of the buffalo clovers, T.