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Synonyms for buff-coloured

having a buff color


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While mostly buff-coloured, it's the bright blue wing flash in flight that picks out this smart crow.
Finally, I used a buff-coloured paving with a nice exposed surface from Marshals.
A circa 1930 sell sheet from the Bancroft quarries references a rainbow of available marble colours and patterns, from "Laurentian Buff" to "Rose Fantasia." The buff-coloured marble in the Rotunda comes from the McMillan and Stewart quarries, the green and the pink brecciated mostly from the Barker Quarry.
There on the ground directly below the owl nest was a young buff-coloured owl, with brown stripes, yellow eyes staring, head turning.
Meat required one of those buff-coloured ration books two months later.
Having stood in the road for hours filming the bulldozers, I managed to acquire some buff-coloured bricks and some decorative tiles from the front of the house.
In a buff-coloured dress from Atelier Versace, the 47-year-old Charlie's Angel star looked the height of sophistication.
chastity belt And to think we're only one generation removed from the days of having to go to the library, complete with index cards and buff-coloured tickets, to physically check up on those nagging all-important facts - like who won 1978's Swalec Cup, or what was Shergar's inside leg measurement.
The birds have green feathers with yellowish plumage on their underparts; while their cheeks, face, and crown are more buff-coloured, hence their name.
A most novel plant, which is utterly stunning when partnered with Calendula "Citrus Cocktail" which arrives, as you might have guessed, in all the citrus hues; or Calendula "Sherbet Fizz", with buff-coloured blooms whose undersides are painted over in an exciting ox-blood-red.
The extension would be finished in a buff-coloured facing brick and the tower will be decorated with relief sculptures, carvings and paintings of themes derived from Hindu mythology.
Eddi thought the buff-coloured envelope that arrived through the post from PM Tony Blair was a tax bill...
He said: "I'm hoping somebody has in their loft or garage, ideally the original buff-coloured log book, a tax disc or some other proof it has been on the road."
It has drooping buff-coloured bells on long stalks and reminds me of the clusters on giant streetlights.
The curtains were hung on the reverse side, revealing a buff-coloured lining in keeping with the natural feel of the room.