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having a buff color

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The exterior of the buildings will be red brick, natural stone, buff-colored siding, gabled rooflines and screened porches.
Female Saxony ducks are buff-colored with creamy white facial stripes, neck rings and underbodies.
The volume is a handsome presentation, oversize (9.5x12"), printed on attractive, buff-colored paper, with illustrations and cartoons complementing the text.
Powdered ginger is the buff-colored ground spice made from dried root.
Opening the can revealed no deterioration, however I was very curious about the color until I found Phil Sharpe's description of it as buff-colored. It was introduced in 1913 and removed from production in 1939; that means the can I have is at least as old as I am.
Boiler-room heat and the taste of alkali dust, Buff-colored clay and dishwater thorn that laps at a tired white sky.
The new housing facility is clad in a modular, buff-colored brick that is the hallmark of the South Georgia College campus.
After mating, hens lay between one and 13 cream to greenish buff-colored eggs.
American buff A medium-sized goose with an orange bill and legs, and buff-colored throughout.
For example, there are three distinguishing marks stamped around the natural buff-colored rind: a four-leaf clover insignia that denotes the province in which the cheese is made (there are 27 provinces in the official production zone), the producer's registration number, and the mark of the protected designation of origin.
Buff-colored mucoid colonies characteristic of the genus Cryptococcus grew on culture and were positive on a cryptococcal antigen latex agglutination test.
When Lou Kwall goes to his law office in Clearwater, padding along right behind him is Howie, his buff-colored cocker spaniel he calls "the boy."
Buff-colored Hitox pigment has slightly larger and more irregularly shaped particles than typical rutile TiO2.
"Remember the eared trogon?" "Yeah, and how about the pyrrhuloxia!" "And when we stayed up for the buff-colored nightjar?"