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of brown tinged with buff

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Semicoarse buff-brown fabric (7.5YR 8/3) with many large inclusions.
Fine buff-brown fabric (5YR 7/6) with a little mica.
Semicoarse buff-brown fabric (10YR 6/8), with many inclusions, some large.
Light buff-brown fabric (7.5YR 8/4) with some inclusions and a little mica.
Semifine buff-brown fabric (7.5YR 7/6-6/4) with dark inclusions.
Medium-coarse, micaceous, buff-brown fabric (7.5YR 2/6); hard fired and gray in core.
Fine buff-brown fabric (5YR 7/4) with some inclusions.
Fine light buff-brown fabric (7.5YR 7/4), with red and white inclusions.
Light buff-brown micaceous fabric (7.5YR 6/4) with small white inclusions; gray-brown surface.
Fine buff-brown fabric (5YR 7/3-8/4), more pink in core.