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small Australian parakeet usually light green with black and yellow markings in the wild but bred in many colors

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Animal rescue officer Christine Forbes said: "The caller was able to catch the friendly budgie very easily as he walked up her arm.
Anyone with information about the budgie, which was discovered at 5.
The budgies were in a cage and the African house snake in a plastic vivarium when they were found at the end of a narrow road in Swansea.
The coaches went to his room to wake him up and Budgie leapt out of bed with nothing on apart from his goalie gloves
Cats and dogs make ideal companions but so do the humble budgie.
There will be no comeback for your unpleasant budgie smugglers.
Once outside, the budgie marveled at how quickly The Family adapted to his absence, though The Blonde One wept for a time while the budgie watched from atop the air conditioner that jutted out her bedroom window.
The theft and destruction of the prize-winning budgies took place the night before the Cornwall Budgerigar Show, where Penmead Pride was crowned champion last year, leading to suspicion it may have been carried out by a rival.
My wife and I happened on a pet store that had some budgies in a big cage in the window.
Budgie Burglar and Priceless Chef can again follow home their kennel companion.
We already keep budgies and they help by giving them food and water.
An acrobatic save by Mohammed prompted Burridge, popularly known as Budgie, to say, AoThatAAEs it, my boy
A REWARD of pounds 3,000 has been offered to solve the killing of a pensioner's budgie, on the six-month anniversary of the crime.
It was only a couple of hours after I left his house that I realised we had a pet budgie called Duke when we were kids.