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Synonyms for budget

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Synonyms for budget

a measurable whole

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Words related to budget

a sum of money allocated for a particular purpose

a summary of intended expenditures along with proposals for how to meet them

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'We included cash budgeting as a general provision in the proposed budget because we want this to be the usual practice from hereon in,' he said.
to abandon budgeting? In other words, are budgets dispensable?
The budgeting process is just one aspect within a larger planning process that is multi-year, strategic and visionary.
Learn more about the "Budgeting Experiences" Virtual Seminar by visiting www.tappi.org or www.globalpapermoney.org.
Planning and budgeting reengineering requires patience, intensive ongoing communication with employees, investment in new data-gathering software tools and, most important, the willingness of a company's finance group to evolve.
It is my hope that the organizational emphases of the transitional library model and the approach to budgeting that supports it will provide libraries with the, means to prosper under the technology assault and to develop the ability to adapt to change easily.
Real military reform would create a system of budgeting that is driven by threats in the world and a sane understanding of economic constraints.
But the mere fact that these questions are being posed and serious attempts made to find the answers will provide some reassurance that all facets of the marketing budgeting problem have been explored.
In addition, budgeting helps monitor sales growth so that you can plan for future external monetary needs and maintain financial flexibility.
Many wholesalers shudder when they hear the word "budget." Is the beer wholesaling industry ready for budgeting? The answer is yes.
THE Department of Budget and Management (DBM) is targeting to submit the 2020 national budget proposal of P4.1 trillion under a cash-based budgeting system during the State of the Nation Address (Sona) of President Duterte in July.
'The events of the past weeks only showcased the brazen display of political bullying by a House that refuses to budge and explain the allocation of unconscionable amounts to certain favored geographic units without going through the usual evidence-based planning and budgeting process,' Hontiveros said.
Melanie set up a budgeting system on the computer and since then they have abided by DOFE principal No.
"Can anyone recommend a good budgeting software package?"