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Synonyms for budget

Synonyms for budget

a measurable whole

Words related to budget

a sum of money allocated for a particular purpose

a summary of intended expenditures along with proposals for how to meet them

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The budgeting process is just one aspect within a larger planning process that is multi-year, strategic and visionary.
The multi-year budgeting process allows policymakets and department personnel to move away from a detailed, line-item approach and focus instead on programmatic policies, goals and objectives vis-a-vis micromanaging financial resources.
Serven believes that planning and budgeting reengineering is a trend that will build in momentum in the next 10 years.
Although the total business budgeting process would provide a better corporate budget, usually there isn't enough time or resources to develop a budget for every item impacting the balance sheet or income statement.
This three-step budget exercise proposal, revision, and show not only works for learning budgeting, but for any change in an operation, and if followed consistently, really does good things for morale, commitment, and numbers.
As the first step in doing that, we'll have to take the states' capital budgeting scheme one step further.
For example, companies still do a poor job of involving managers in the budgeting process.
One key theme emerged from the interviews: budgeting is no longer just for accountants.
One feature that this style introduces to budgeting is the need for legal examination of contracts for service.
Vision Budget Management is an enterprise-wide budgeting, forecasting and planning tool that allows users to control the entire budgeting process from electronic dispatch to individuals to reminders, receipt collection of workbooks, user access and automatic posting and storing of budget data to the SunSystems data warehouse.
The fragmentary nature of institutional budgeting makes it clear that the true cost of running a library is not simply that shown in the operating budget.
com/medical) today announced the general availability of a new Web-based Decision Support Solutions([R]) (DSS) distributed budgeting tool.
All of these added pressures -- combined with recent technological advances that make innovative solutions possible -- are causing financial executives to reevaluate the traditional budgeting and planning processes and to find ways to make them more efficient and accurate.
amp; PARIS -- Business Objects (Nasdaq:BOBJ)(Euronext Paris ISIN code: FR0004026250 - BOB), the world's leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, has announced the release of its integrated planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation solutions on the BusinessObjects(TM) XI platform.