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Synonyms for budget

Synonyms for budget

a measurable whole

Words related to budget

a sum of money allocated for a particular purpose

a summary of intended expenditures along with proposals for how to meet them

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(15.) Senate Budget Committee, "Informed Budgeteer: Sequestration and Appropriations," 11 June 2013, 1, http://www.budget.senate.gov/republican/public/index.cfm/files/serveiFile_id =f456987b-6fdf-4629-8fb3-dc8805150347.
Goert told the Budgeteer News: "The city of Duluth does not have the capacity to keep up with all of the maintenance for all of the memorials in addition to their other duties, but groups like ours are extremely invested in the up-keep, and we are willing to have it be part of our ongoing work."
Perhaps the greatest fear of the budgeteer is a political decision that endangers the financial stability of the organization.
Technical-economic imperatives are therefore subordinate to any noneconomic imperatives, especially political, identified by the budgeteer. Absent a political (or other noneconomic) imperative, budgeteers will be guided by technical-economic imperatives or the general economizing orientation of the CBBs.
But if the budgeteers decide to tap the remaining $6 billion-plus in the state's Rainy Day Fund, they'll need two-thirds of the House and Senate to go along.
Not only are mounting deficits likely to catch up to Congressional budgeteers both economically and politically, but mandatory spending (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and interest on the debt) remains a far greater--and faster growing--share of total federal spending (as shown in the graphic below).
My own view is that the absence of a formal document allows the programmers and budgeteers to cherry-pick preferred guidance statements from the CNO and Secretary of the Navy documents and speeches.
This allowed budgeteers to identify which agencies lacked adequate appropriations to process their bills and account for it in negotiations.
City on the Line, Kline's self-help book for longing budgeteers, portrays his personal journey of changing a city's organizational cultural away from being a collection of departments and toward an organization committed to results.
But, as the IBD s editors put it, the government budgeteers then went on to say
While supply chain savings will excite budgeteers and logisticians, the reduction in time to reliably deliver parts will produce significant improvements in equipment readiness.
Or so the senior Budgeteers told themselves, and young wet-behind-the-ears whippersnappers like me.
The budgeteers at the Capitol have been skimping on building maintenance and upkeep for years.
There has always been a network among budgeteers and programmers, but there has not been a consistent network within financial operations, at least in my experience.
But right now, the country's budgeteers have only given him 3 trillion or 15 percent of what he says is needed this year.