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The Committee will be given briefing by PBM regarding budgetary allocations for sweet home and other sources of income.
Intense political and technical contacts have taken place in recent weeks to ensure that the Portuguese budgetary plans for the year ahead comply with the rules.
Introducing state bonds and selling them as financial instruments, according to the professor, is generally acceptable instrument in the developed countries, especially in the Western economies where countries issue state bonds, in a form of treasury bills or securities, in order to secure funds on the financial market for financing budgetary needs.
However, as European political deciders were still very reluctant to a formal and explicit coordination between their budgetary policies, they considered that such a coordination could only rely indirectly on the respect for fiscal discipline.
The European Union was also said to be providing budgetary support grant for Sindh Global Partnership for Education and the disbursement amount of the grant in FY 2015-16 is estimated at Rs.
In view of limitation of budgetary funds, for fairness, funding of BVU will be carried out in proportion to the given sums of demands and the sum of budgetary credit.
After the reports, Turkey pledged to maintain direct budgetary support this year for the war-ravaged East African country.
At non- budgetary institutions, the average salary totaled 181,223 AMD or $442
This is the Commission's first-ever publication of its opinions on the draft budgetary plans submitted by 15 October.
Early empirical evidence provided a linkage to budgetary participation (1) in the budget-setting process and employee/organizational performance (Hopwood, 1972; Merchant, 1981; Brownell, 1982a, Brownell 1982b).
Budgetary information is a vital part of government financial reporting.
Islamabad, May 10 (ANI): The budgetary allocation for the Pakistan armed forces is likely to be increased to 495 billion rupees for fiscal 2011-2012, official sources have revealed.
Budgets and budgetary procedures in India 1947-48 to 2009-10.
Onsi (1973) found that 80% of managers interviewed admitted bargaining for slack, and managers created slack to cope with top management pressures to achieve their budgetary goals, or to serve as a buffer against uncertainties or bad times.
6% increase in the budgetary revenue compared with the initial 2007 Finance Law.