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the expense of maintaining property (e.g., paying property taxes and utilities and insurance)

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In the event that a tenderer submitting a tender for this contract proposes an execution cost in excess of the limited financial resource specified by the Assignor for the order as a whole and by separate budget items by activity / object, his / her bid will be removed from the tender.
BEIRUT: The parliamentary budget and finance committee finalized the 2017 draft budget items, according to the head of the committee MP Ibrahim Kanaan.
Add the Category, Budget Item, and Production Units fields to the design grid.
The meeting discussed the outlook for growth in the budget items in the years of comparison and the estimates for 2014.
The House of Representatives has failed more than once to pass the budget either for lack of a quorum, or differences and dispute over some budget items.
Even supermarket's own-label budget items are rising sharply, by up to a fifth on more than 40 per cent of budget items, said the online comparison site Moneysupermarket.
We will properly provide allowances for budget items that are truly needed by the disaster-affected areas and strictly narrow down other items.
In 2011, there was no provision in the budget for this item; in that year, the Finance Ministry obtained the necessary funds by pinching from other, often unrelated, budget items.
The report, The Deficit-Reducing Potential of a Financial Speculation Tax , compares the potential revenue from an FST-- one per cent of GDP or $150 billion in 2011-- with other budget items.
The grip on the market held by the 'hard discount', retailers such as LIDL and ALDI (NOTE--SPELLING IS CORRECT) and the concentration on budget items in the large supermarket chains all serve to erode the attractions of the convenience sector and none of the big German retailers has gone into convenience stores in the way that Tesco and Sainsbury, for instance, have in the UK.
The funds will be channelled into budget items in Heading 1a (competitiveness) in particular.
Proceeds will fund a portion of Rex Energy's planned capital budget items, including its Marcellus Shale exploration projects in the Appalachian Basin and its Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) projects in the Illinois Basin.
Jensen said the Quorum Court is waiting on the revenue projections for 2009, which are expected to arrive in September, before decisions are made on budget items.
Contrary to the apprehensions of some hospital executives, the recommendations generally include performance improvements and minor expenditures that support these improvements, rather than a list of capital-intensive budget items.
It is widely known that when states and the federal government are strapped for cash, education is one of the first budget items to be cut, but speakers at the April conference hosted by the National College Access Network (NCAN) and the Council on Opportunity in Education (COE) argued that there is little pressure for politicians to increase spending to improve college access.
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