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the expense of maintaining property (e.g., paying property taxes and utilities and insurance)

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Among these budget items are the funding of allowance and benefits of teachers and creation of teaching positions, construction of evacuation centers, funding for foreign-assisted projects, revolving fund and lump-sum appropriations for capital outlay, financial assistance to local government units, and funding requirements of our foreign service.
BEIRUT: The parliamentary budget and finance committee finalized the 2017 draft budget items, according to the head of the committee MP Ibrahim Kanaan.
Add the Category, Budget Item, and Production Units fields to the design grid.
The Finance Minister noted savings of 906 million som for secured budget items. The figure may yet change for 4 months, she added.
She said the budget items will be shown in the same format as in the past and initially voted on by category (general government, public safety, etc.) before the warrant articles are taken up.
"There are four or five budget items on which we still have to fully agree," the official added.
Clothes are graded - starting at one token for budget items. And when the sale opens you swap your tokens for clothes and accessories.
Salem bin Hamoud al-Harrasi, Assistant Secretary General for Administrative and Financial Affairs at the Secretariat General of Majlis A'Shura provided a detailed presentation to the committee on the budget, which included several themes, including the executive summary of the budget estimates, financial indicators, comprehensive financial analysis, detailed tables of budget items, details of the expenditure and appropriations for the budget and the two plans of training and scholarship, which were recently approved.
Even supermarket's own-label budget items are rising sharply, by up to a fifth on more than 40 per cent of budget items, said the online comparison site Moneysupermarket.
We will properly provide allowances for budget items that are truly needed by the disaster-affected areas and strictly narrow down other items."
In 2011, there was no provision in the budget for this item; in that year, the Finance Ministry obtained the necessary funds by pinching from other, often unrelated, budget items.
"I think the whole House knows frankly that housing benefit was one of those budget items that was completely out of control."
The report, The Deficit-Reducing Potential of a Financial Speculation Tax , compares the potential revenue from an FST-- one per cent of GDP or $150 billion in 2011-- with other budget items.
The grip on the market held by the 'hard discount', retailers such as LIDL and ALDI (NOTE--SPELLING IS CORRECT) and the concentration on budget items in the large supermarket chains all serve to erode the attractions of the convenience sector and none of the big German retailers has gone into convenience stores in the way that Tesco and Sainsbury, for instance, have in the UK.
During a late October public hearing from various Florida regulatory agencies regarding their 2010-2011 legislative budget requests, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation requested two budget items:
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