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The proposed 2020 budget for the office is P3.15 billion, significantly lower than its budget this year of P4.7 billion.
An amount of Rs4.3 billion has been given to the PAF in addition to its regular budget for fuel cost that it incurred during the standoff with India.
The National Hospital Insurance Fund's allocation which had been awarded Sh50 million will now strain after being left with Sh2 million.Other services affected include the construction of garbage site and purchasing of a waste collection vehicle whose allocation has been slashed to zero from Sh8.5 million and Sh11 million respectively while the budget for the building of waste chambers was reduced from Sh7.5m to Sh2.5m.
Sources said the PML-N in Punjab wanted that the caretaker government be allowed to present budget for four months from July to October.
- Planning Commission came into existence while presenting the budget for 1950-51, the first budget for the Republic of India.
Sections 115(f) and 116(e) (along with Sections 112(b) and 114(e)), however, explicitly state that this authority shall expire if a concurrent resolution on the budget for FY2015 is agreed to by the Senate and House of Representatives.
* Increased the budget for General Synod 2007 by $20,000 in response to a motion approved by CoGS last spring to assist some of the Council of the North delegates in defraying expenses for the meeting.
First, make sure you are maximizing your pre-tax retirement savings through your 401(k) plan at work, Then create a budget for your monthly after-tax income by starting with the basic steps offered under principle No.
While many financial professionals participate in the Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards Program by submitting their entity's budget for consideration, far fewer realize that becoming a volunteer reviewer can be an award in and of itself.
Think about this example as you prepare your budget for the coming year.
It is true that the Bush administration forecasts declining deficits after 2004 in its Budget for Fiscal Year 2005, submitted to Congress earlier this year.
While President Bush has proposed more than a 12% increase in the total NIH budget for next year, NIA will receive an increase of only one-tenth of one percent--not even enough to keep up with inflation.
This point may be best illustrated by relating the recent experience of a major university poised to break ground on an academic and research facility: The conceptual budget for the project had been created in a vacuum.
I am pleased to appear before you to testify in support of the President's International Affairs Budget for fiscal year (FY) 2004.
Before the end of May, the Commission presents its proposal for the EU budget for the next year to the Council and the European Parliament.
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