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Increased the budget for financial management and development by $81,000 due to expected increases in realty tax and increase in depreciation ($60,000) now that General Synod owns its property 80 Hayden.
As you prepare your operating budget for next year, think about the time-volume relationship of the fiber you transform from raw material to finished product (whatever the definition of finished is on your site or in your profit center).
To advance America's interests around the world we need the dollars in the President's budget for FY2004.
Although the total business budgeting process would provide a better corporate budget, usually there isn't enough time or resources to develop a budget for every item impacting the balance sheet or income statement.
As part of its priorities shift, NASA plans to increase the budget for applied research in aeronautics by almost 15 percent in FY 1994 - to $1.
More than one-third of the air force budget for research, development, and procurement--about $17 billion--is hidden.
The board has actually increased the sheriff's budget for the last 10 years.
The spending numbers presented in the budget for fiscal years (FY) 2003 to 2007 presumably reflect the real spending priorities of President Bush and his advisors.
If this is the scenario that, in fact, unfolds and the budget moves into surplus within the next few years, the increase in national saving will pay off handsomely in preparing our economy and our budget for the challenges of the twenty-first century.
The proposed budget for the new interagency Advanced Materials and Processing Program (AMPP) represents a 7 percent increase for materials science from 1992 levels.
Today is the constitutional deadline for the governor to sign the budget for fiscal year 2005-06, which will begin Friday.
For state governments, a balanced general fund budget for a given fiscal year requires that revenues plus surpluses from preceding years be at least as large as outlays.
A naive observer poring over President Bush's proposed research and development budget for 1992 wouldn't guess that the nation had entered a recession or that a congressional act, aimed at slashing the deficit, severely limits increases in many nondefense programs for the next two years.
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