budget deficit

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an excess of expenditures over revenues

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The budget deficit ([bd.sub.t]) is measured as the ratio of federal government budget deficit to GDP.
The three-month Treasury bill rate was obtained from The Economic Report of the President, 1991, as were the budget deficit data and the GNP deflator used to convert the budget deficit data into 1982 dollars.
Examples of this are massive government budget deficits that are financed mainly by debt; the increasing use of leverage by corporations, exacerbated by the move towards leveraged buyouts; and the overuse of credit by individuals.
If the first half budgetary figures are any reference, it leaves little doubt that the PTI government is not going to meet its targets for FY19, and the overall annual budget deficit target of 5.1% of GDP or Rs1.95 trillion approved by parliament in September last year will remain elusive.
FY18's budget deficit broke FY17's record of Rs1.864 trillion.
Diokno also said that it is hard to reduce the government's budget deficit program in the middle of the year particularly with the slowdown in the country's economy during the first three months.
In its Global Economic Prospects Report, the Washington-based lender said increasing contingent liabilities related to infrastructure projects could become another reason for a higher budget deficit.
LCCI office-bearers said that economic growth was essential to reduce the budget deficit, adding that revenues of the governments would automatically increase with the growth of trade and industry that was possible only if the number or ratio of the taxes were not raised.
Lahore -- All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) has said that that the country's budget deficit has reached 2.3% of Gross Domestic Product during July-Nov of fiscal year 2017-18,
Summary: The budget deficit of the GCC countries will drop by one-third this year, due to reforms and revenue measures taken by the governments, according to a note released by Emirates NBD Research.
Egypt's budget deficit between July and February hit 7% of the GDP, compared to 8.2% for the same period last year as revenues of the third biggest economy in Africa accelerate, a recent report issued by the Ministry of Finance revealed.
The budget deficit last year stood at 315.8 million euros, which is 96.5 percent of the earlier envisaged budget deficit of 327.5 million euros.
Reducing budget deficit and cuts on use of the National Fund were introduced in order to preserve financial stability in Kazakhstan, said Minister of Economy and Budget Planning of Kazakhstan Erbolat Dossayev at the Government hour in the Senate of the Parliament on April 17, the primeminister.kz reported.
Summary: The IMF's concluding statements following its visit to Belgrade raise the prospect of the budget deficit reaching as high as 8% of GDP.
ISLAMABAD -- The government failure to launch 3G spectrums till the end of June this year will enlarge budget deficit by 0.35 per cent or Rs.75 billion of the Gross Domestic Product(GDP).