budget deficit

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an excess of expenditures over revenues

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However, the official said that budget deficit would go to 5.
But economists have expressed concerns budget deficit could skyrocket to 6 percent of GDP, almost double of what it was currently by end of June, when the financial year ends.
He said the present trend shows that the annual budget deficit target of 4.
They also proposed that government should broaden the tax base and bring untaxed sectors into the tax net which would increase government revenues and reduce the budget deficit.
They said that non-development expenditures are not only heavily contributing to the budget deficit but are also one of the major reasons of huge burden of external debts.
1-billion budget deficit or 3 percent of gross domestic product, as disbursements of P2.
The government is on track to apply a reform package introduced by the IMF, aiming at cutting the budget deficit to disburse the second instalment of a $12bn loan programme agreed on in November.
The budget deficit has been the highest in the history of Saudi Arabia.
Prime Minister Mehdi Jom's government is taking on Tunisia's budget deficit by seeking international aid and looking at subsidy cuts to reduce high public spending.
As shown in the data released by the General Directorate of Budget and Fiscal Control (BE[pounds sterling]MKO) under the Ministry of Finance on Friday, the budget deficit declined to TL 7.
Najib said the government aims to cut the budget deficit to 4 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013 and 3.
With the aim of fiscal consolidation, the Croatian government on Thursday presented a package of 37 reform measures that should reduce the budget deficit by HRK 2 billion and one of these measures includes an increased intermediate Value Added Tax (PDV) rate from 10% to 13% as well as higher excise taxes on tobacco products and fuel, outsourcing facilities in the public and state sectors, doing away with tax reliefs for first home buyers, and reducing special pensions.
Rana Asad Ameen said that during fiscal year 2013-14 budget deficit is expected to reach between 5.
ANKARA, November 15, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's budget deficit dropped 92.
The projected budget deficit for 2012 is 400 million dirhams, he said.