budget cut

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the act of reducing budgeted expenditures

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More than 80 per cent of schools in parts of Birmingham have suffered budget cuts over the last year, according to a new survey.
'The HEC budget cuts in the recent years are tantamount to stifling the research and academic activities of higher education, particularly at public sector universities, which serve all demographics of society and tend to be the only option available to the students from the lowest income groups to attain higher education.
The $3.2 billion astrophysics project was already suffering budget cuts but fortunately got the support of the Senate to get the funding it needed to carry out a launch in 2025.
He further added that Kolej UTAR will have no choice but to raise its fees to offset the budget cut and this would adversely affect its 28,000 students.
The State Department of Infrastructure is the major loser in the proposed budget cuts.
class="MsoNormalIn short, we wish to inform the public that while we shall continue doing our best to deliver justice to Kenyans, judicial services will this year be severely affected as a result of the budget cuts. Please bear with us, he said.
The department said it looked at other ways to save money, but with a 4 percent budget cut and a requirement to hire 250 new troopers under border security funding, the elimination of officer positions was necessary.
"The budget cut amount is a target for the departments," Onzick said.
Some of the schools also have grappled with declining tuition in recent years, and Donovan says the only way to meet the budget cut requirements is to look for places where jobs can be eliminated.
Budget cut will not be applied to hospitals including PIMS and Polyclinic .
Labour commissioner for South Wales Alun Michael said his force will end up having PS8.5m slashed off its funding for 2014/15 and after already seeing its budget cut by a fifth the deal poses an "enormous challenge".
My own experience in government long ago taught me what I call the "Firemen First" principle, meaning that an agency, faced with a budget cut, will quickly announce that those cuts will result in the loss of its most essential service--firemen, for example--while the excess bureaucrats at the headquarters go unmentioned.
Shahzad Salim, Former Central Chairman of Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PRGMEA), if the US administration does not tackle the issue, an automatic budget cut also called the 'Fiscal Cliff' will come in to effect.
"If sequestration is not stopped, it will be by far the most devastating budget cut to the FAA in its 54 years," Former Secretary of Transportation and Congressman Norman Mineta said in a statement.
These measures helped us absorb the budget cut without mission degradation.