buddy system

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a cooperative practice of pairing two or more people together for mutual assistance or safety (especially in recreational swimming)

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The seasoned UK based fitness equipment sourcing company is one among the major and earliest distributors of Lebert Fitness tools and equipments such as Equalizer and Buddy System throughout England & Europe since early 2012.
The buddy system has been around a long time and usually works well.
Based on these results, a buddy system for and by HIV+ve women was instituted in Botswana during 2002.
It is the latest prominent chain to begin using the Buddy System cone holders.
As a support program, the students will have access to a unique buddy system, a social network, and a bridge between academic curriculum and the student's traditional culture.
I'm petitioning the Scottish Parliament to encourage employers to introduce a buddy system for disabled workers so tragedies like Kirsty's are avoided in the future.
Richmond is promoting a buddy system, so that if some students cannot make it home, they can join a pre-identified fellow student closer by.
Last year we trialled the buddy system, which involved training pupils and placing a dedicated 'buddy bench' in the playground where children could sit and be seen by one of the buddies.
THE BUDDY SYSTEM, Paul Bean, Winkle regional sales manager, says magnet owners can introduce various practices to prevent magnet failures.
Dudley presented Johnston's buddy system in four villages.
New employees will be trained by current workers through a mix of computer-based study and an on-the-job buddy system.
St Mary's operates a buddy system which sees children in Year Six paired with new pupils in the reception class to make sure they settle into school.
At the school in Sandpits Lane, Keresley, pupils in the Chaplaincy Team have set up a Bully Buddy system where fellow students with problems can approach those their own age for advice.
Whether through a precamp phone call, a new camper/returning camper buddy system, or other mechanism, camps must design a program wherein new campers feel immediately connected to their peers and surrogate caregivers.