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British family desperate to find their beloved pet Buddy Image Credit: SUPPLIED
"Somehow Buddy convinced my aunt, and the first day I met him he proposed.
Icelandair Buddy Hotline is a new service from Icelandair, which connects passengers of the airline directly by phone or via an online messenger with a buddy for trusted personalised insider advice and recommendations to help them make the most out of their time away.
The trailer then shows a montage of photos from Whitney and Buddy's special bonding moments during their trip as Whitney's mom Barbara could be heard saying, "Buddy, Buddy, Buddy ...
But Paul says Buddy's eight weeks were precious - and money the family is raising for James Cook's neonatal unit "angels" will be part of his legacy.
Buddy is not cat safe, when he came to Hector's originally he wasn't small dog safe, however he made huge progress in a very short time with his owner and is now very small dog tolerant and a very sociable dog, and more than ready to live in a family home.
The mission of the Foundation is to honor Buddy Holly's ground-breaking music as well as to support his dream to extend musical education - including songwriting, production, arranging, orchestration, and performance - to future generations regardless of income, ethnicity or learning levels.
Initially, he only had a trusted foreman, a shoemaker whom Buddy entrusted with the job of putting a team of skilled artisans.
Although there have been many imitations Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story has stood the test of time.
And Buddy - along with Elvis Presley, who influenced him greatly (he had a drummer, so Buddy had to have a drummer) - injected so much colour into the lives of young music fans, recording a string of classics during a whirlwind 18 months before his tragically early death.
Buddy and Earl, the first book in the series, chronicles the pair's initial meeting, an antidote to Buddy's rainy-day boredom and loneliness.
The German Embassy and the Goethe-Institut call on visual artists from Cyprus to submit a proposal for the design of the Cyprus Buddy Bear.
And now, who can boast--and I am boasting--of having had the opportunity to take graduate seminars with this trinity: Glenn Hinson, Bill Leonard, and Buddy Shurden.
The brindle beast went into the attack when it spotted tiny Buddy cowering in fear on his master's shoulders.
The Nashoba Best Buddies chapter consists of over 80 members this year, with 21 "buddy pairs'' between general education students and special education students.