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tropical shrub having clusters of white or violet or yellow flowers

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Because this week I found myself in a garden centre in Folkestone, Kent, talking to that esteemed BBC2 programme about buddleia.
Whites and Pastels: 'White Lightning' Lantana (Lantana montevidensis),'White Profusion Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidii), and 'Mt.
If your Buddleia davidii group are producing quite long shoots and the weather is still mild, then you could cut these hard back.
Buddleia davidii has been classified as an invasive species in many countries including the United Kingdom which I think is a little unfair - they are nowhere near as troublesome as Himalayan balsam of Japanese knotweed but their enthusiasm to grow in places where nothing else will (including chimneys) has earned them bad press.
Buddleia WALK down any street in late summer and you are likely to see a buddleia, or butterfly bush as it is known because it attracts butterflies, with its cone-shaped flowers in shades of purple, magenta and white.
This combined with an abundance of flowers, foliage and fragrance, with interesting shapes such as the arching stems of buddleias, neatness of choisya and pittosporums and the erect drama of mahonias help to create the basis of many beautiful borders.
But Buddleias are an exception because the only way to control the vigorous growth of the "Butterfly Plant" to prevent it from resembling the ragged TRUTHS John specimens colonising wasteland is to prune hard in spring.
Prune back buddleias and other tall shrubs to prevent damage from wind rock.
Buddleias are named in honour of the Rev Adam Buddle, an Essex parson and expert amateur botanist some 300 years ago.
* remove old flower heads from buddleias and other nectar-rich plants to encourage new flowers.
Given a hard pruning every spring, it's not hard to keep buddleias compact enough for most gardens.
The great thing with buddleias is that they are simple to grow.
Buddleia is a great value-for-money plant that often has bad press as a weed.
| HARD prune shrubs such as buddleia, which produce their best show on vigorous new growth.