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Synonyms for buddleia

tropical shrub having clusters of white or violet or yellow flowers

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Buy THREE Buddleia Mixed for PS12.99 or order SIX for PS19.98 and SAVE PS6.
I felt joyous at the sight, then the next day in Mold High Street, there were dozens of Painted Ladies, flying around the Buddleia bush near to WH Smith.
So along with the buddleia and its colourful butterfly displays, the bumble bee fraternity monopolise the oregano flowers.
The RSPB list Buddleia davidii as an invasive weed and warn against it, as it sets seeds so readily - even in the most hostile of places like guttering and chimneys as you will no doubt have seen.
These include montbretia, false Virginia creeper, Japanese rose, three-cornered garlic, the garden lupin, buddleia and cotoneaster.
Classed as an "invasive" species, Buddleia seeds can spread into small cracks and crevices in walls, which quickly grow into huge plants - the roots pulling apart brickwork making structures unstable and at risk of collapsing.
Beautiful buddleia, left, but Japanese knotweed, above, divides can cause damage to property and other plants if left unchecked
We adore the butterfly magnet buddleia, but the shrub can get too big for small yards.
A few of these helpful plants are: balloon flower (Platycodi grandiflori, Jie Geng), chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium, Ju Hua), buddleia (Buddleia officinalis, Mi Meng Hua), forsythia (Forsythia suspensa, Lian Qiao), white peony (Paeonia lactiflora, Bai Shao Yao), and red peony (Paeonia rubrae, Chi Shao Yao).
"There's a butterfly right now settling on a clump of buddleia flowers!
ALSO known as the butterfly bush because it attracts butterflies, the buddleia is found in many gardens in this country, bearing spikes of cone-shaped flowers in white, mauve and purple.
9Shorten back the growths on shrubs such as buddleia and lavatera by half to prevent winter storm damage.
In the buddleia taking over a telephone box Wentworth pinpointed how even the detritus of ordinary and everyday occurrences might contain the latent possibility of monumental meanings.
Plants that attract birds and butterflies, such as monarda, lobelia and buddleia, should be part of every garden.