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Synonyms for buddleia

tropical shrub having clusters of white or violet or yellow flowers

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As an added interest, buddleia self-seed readily and I have had white, deep purple, blue and red flowered plants appearing among seedlings.
Daily Mirror, Miniature Buddleia (DM19152), PO Box 64, South West District Office, Manchester M16 9HY
Red admirals are scarcer - but I watched a fine example feeding alongside three peacocks and a small tortoiseshell on buddleia at Marsh side.
This butterfly bush, as it is nicknamed, is Buddleia davidii, an easy-to-grow shrub from China and Japan which is now naturalised over much of the world and can be seen growing on wasteland and even in walls.
Below, the nectar of the butterfly bush flower - Buddleia davidii - produces a scent that lure butterflies.
Buddleia davidii White Profusion Has beautiful white flowers or the clear blue of blue horizon and rich hue of a black knight.
Shorten tall buddleia stems by half to reduce wind rock, but wait until spring before pruning back hard
Take hardwood cuttings of many types of shrub, including buddleia, philadelphus (mock orange), escallonia, box, weigela, berberis (barberry) and kerria.
A list of perennial companion plants for the naked lady that grow well in full-sun Valley locations would include the following: coreopsis, campanula, daylily, kniphofia, verbascum, buddleia, rose-of-Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus), dusty miller and many species of salvia.
SHRUBS: Lilac, Buddleia, Plumbago, Passion Flower, Lavender, Clematis, Tibouchina (glory bush), Hydrangea, Hibiscus, Abutilon.
Snowdonia Wildlife Gardening Partnership's contest hopes to encourage garden wildlife, such as these peacock and red admiral butterflies feeding on buddleia
NPrune diseased or twiggy growth from hydrangea and buddleia.
Adhering to a blue color scheme, you could plant lily-of-the-Nile (Agapanthus), lavender, rosemary, scaevola, blue hibiscus (Alyogyne), buddleia, verbena, lobelia, caryopteris, veronica, perennial vinca, campanula, larkspur and many salvias.
Whether probing the remaining buddleia flower spikes, or resting on the sun warmed earth, good numbers came in the last week, joined by smaller counts of red admiral (a switch around from my childhood, when the 'eyed' peacock was much scarcer), gatekeepers, speckled woods, large whites and even a holly blue.
Keep cutting the dead and faded flowers off your buddleia bush to encourage the production of new flowers well into late autumn.