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a spheroidal fullerene

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Buckyball will be on display through September 11, 2016.
Complaint, supra note 109, [paragraph][paragraph] 23-34; Eliyahu Federman, Banning Buckyball Magnets Is Statistically Ridiculous, Huffington POST, July 31, 2012, http://www.
Small, powerful magnets, such as those sold as Buckyballs, represent an unexpected danger to small children, who occasionally swallow them.
These unique properties make carbon nanostructures such as buckyballs and nanotubes attractive for many potential applications: supercomputers the size of wall clocks, nanomachines that act as miniature surgeons, and artificial muscle, to name a few.
Embedded in 250-million-year-old rock samples found in China and Japan are soccer ball-shaped molecules called buckyballs (named after scientist Buckminister Fuller, who discovered them).
Ahora se conoce que dentro de las buckyballs pueden encerrarse otros atomos, inclusive se ha podido lograr que la molecula tome la forma de un tubo hueco.
A third form of carbon-the others are diamond and graphite-the buckyball (C60) is a highly stable molecule consisting of 60 carbon atoms in an arrangement of 12 pentagonal and 20 hexagonal faces.
Although the C60 buckyball is the most widely known fullerene, scientists have since discovered hundreds of different types of fullerenes including, 'buckybabies' - spheroid molecules containing fewer than 60 carbon atoms, 'giant fullerenes' - containing hundreds of carbon atoms, and a variety of fullerenes having between 70 and 84 carbon atoms.
The Buckyball molecule was first discovered at Rice in 1985 and their curvature means they are very effective at binding the amine molecules that capture carbon dioxide.
The polymer and buckyball combination created a clear, smooth film designed to make light particles pick up each other's patterns.
Scott Hochberg is working on a bill to name the buckyball as the state's official molecule.
For several reasons, the buckyball (chemical designation: [C.
As reported in the cover story of the September 14th issue of Science magazine, IBM Research scientists imaged the bond order and length of individual carbon-carbon bonds in C60, also known as a buckyball for its football shape and two planar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which resemble small flakes of graphene.
Chemists identify a soccer-ball-shaped configuration of carbon atoms, nicknamed a buckyball (11/23/85, p.