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a spheroidal fullerene

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Buckyball will be on display through September 11, 2016.
Experts at the seafront university have shown heating up buckyballs can help them confine damaging greenhouse gases.
(115.) Complaint, supra note 109, [paragraph][paragraph] 23-34; Eliyahu Federman, Banning Buckyball Magnets Is Statistically Ridiculous, Huffington POST, July 31, 2012, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eliyahu-federman/banning-buckyballmagnets_b_1711110.html, [http://perma.cc/0Jcmtetpa12].
Figure 2(b) demonstrates how the potential peaks (corresponding to the local maximum for the [V.sub.eff]) depend on the radius of the buckyball for various angular momentum quantum numbers L.
Small, powerful magnets, such as those sold as Buckyballs, represent an unexpected danger to small children, who occasionally swallow them.
Reaction (1) produced a new buckyball [C.sub.60][H.sub.2] (I) by forming five butagons, three pentagons, three hexagons, and two decagon cycles from three corannulene molecules.
level 1 2 Evaluation buckyball 5.5 12.1 times ([128.sup.3]) (in seconds) engine 2.6 5.4 ([128.sup.2] x 32) Maximum errors buckyball 5.7 x 2.9 x (max [absolute ([32.sup.3]) [10.sup.-1] [10.sup.-1] value of [y.sub.I] - f engine 2.7 x 1.6 x ([x.sub.I]]) (642 x 32) [10.sup.-3] [10.sup.-3] level 3 4 Evaluation buckyball 18.1 22.7 times ([128.sup.3]) (in seconds) engine 8.3 12.4 ([128.sup.2] x 32) Maximum errors buckyball 8.2 x 5.6 x (max [absolute ([32.sup.3]) [10.sup.-2] [10.sup.-6] value of [y.sub.I] - f engine 6.7 x 2.3 x ([x.sub.I]]) (642 x 32) [10.sup.-4] [10.sup.-8] Table 5.
The animated logo replaced the O in Googlewith an orange buckyball.
Fullerene (fullereno): molecula compuesta al menos por 60 atomos de carbono, que adopta la forma de balon (Figura 2) o cupula geodesica ("buckyball").
The workshop witnessed a highly interactive discussion between the students and Professor Kroto, where they participated in assembling a molecule of the "Buckyball", a carbon football shaped structure, containing 60 carbon atoms.
SINCE THE DISCOVERY OF THE BUCKYBALL IN 1985 and the invention of the atomic force microscope in 1986, farsighted individuals have predicted that nanotechnology will soon have a transformative effect on industry and the economy.
A more affectionate term for these C60 molecules was "buckyball." They really were "nano," being about one nanometre in diameter.
Professor Silva's team will use the device (which is described as representing a 'completely new dimension [in] the fabrication of [nano-scale] devices') to research carbon nanotubes (the Buckyball derivative of Carbon 60) as a precursor to a new generation of devices that will be smaller and faster than current silicon technology.