buckwheat cake

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We would have buckwheat cakes every breakfast and mush fried every weekend.
Supper - Buckwheat cakes, gravy, butter, plum jam, cracked wheat, and water.
In Brittany, a popular main dish is buckwheat cakes and sour cream.
In following some of her guidelines for a green manure crop, I tilled an area I want for more garden beds and planted buckwheat there with the intention of plowing it under too enrich the bed for next spring's crop, but she has some recipes for buckwheat cakes and breads that looked like I might enjoy, so I am seriously thinking of letting it go to seed and harvest the buckwheat.
Harriet Martineau reported a breakfast that consisted of "cornbread, buns, buckwheat cakes, broiled chicken, bacon, eggs, rich hominy, fish, fresh and pickled, and beef-steak.